Best Car Accident Attorney: The Adjuster

  • Best Car Accident Attorney: The Adjuster

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    Adjusters are trained to Keep the Money for their Client (the insurance company): It is important to hire the best car accident attorney you can find because Adjusters are incredibly careful not to give their client’s money out freely. When an adjuster gives out too much money, they are often questioned about why they went over a specific cap or expectation. It’s important to understand that every Adjuster has a boss, and that boss scrutinizes the Adjuster’s decisions. Knowing how adjuster’s work can help you get the maximum recovery for your damages.

  • Adjusters scrutinize Medical Records: Medical Records are the bread and butter of a personal injury lawsuit and dealing with an Adjuster. A bad medical record on a severe injury can result in a lesser recovery amount that doesn’t fairly compensate a victim for the severity of their injuries. Knowing what Adjusters look for helps the car accident attorney to better communicate with the doctor. Car Accident Attorneys can work to make sure that the doctor provides the complete medical records. Important details that may seem irrelevant can impact a recovery significantly.
  • Acute Injuries can effect recovery: For example, if an injury is not properly documented as a longterm condition, and incorrectly interpreted as an “acute injury” can have an impact on the recovery. A car accident attorney who allows an incomplete record to be sent to an adjuster is doing the client a tremendous disservice. For example, consider a patient who goes to a doctor who diagnoses the person with a persistent neck injury, but the doctor fails to note whether the injury is a “permanent impairment” or “chronic condition.”  Now Assume that same patient goes to that same doctor who makes the same diagnosis, but the car accident attorney communicates that a more detailed medical report is needed. The same patient is in a much better position to recover for their ACTUAL INJURIES simply by making sure the medical report is a complete picture of what happened. The Adjuster will have different offers for the same client, with the same doctor, with the same injury. The only difference is the skill level and the communication of the person’s lawyer.

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