Best Car Accident Lawyers Orlando: PIP in Practice

Best Car Accident Lawyers Orlando: PIP Laws

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If you have been in a car accident, and you need to protect your rights, you call the best car accident lawyers Orlando. Personal Injury Protection (PIP) has various nuances that a lawyer should help you with. However, take a look at some of various the laws regarding car accident laws and PIP laws in Florida.

  • Timely Billing for PIP
    • 395.002: Statement of charges must be furnished to the insurer by the provider. May not include:
      • Charges for treatment or services rendered more than 35 days before the postmark date
  • Revised Claims
    • What happens if insurer pays only a portion of a claim? Or if they reject a claim due to an error in the claim?
      • The insurer is required to at the time of a partial payment or a rejection of payment must provide either:
        • Specification of benefits due
        • Explanation of benefits due to the specified error.
      • Revised Claim Within 15 days: the Person making the claim can submit a revised claim within 15 days after receiving a specification or explanation.
  • Prompt Payment
    • PIP benefits paid are overdue if not paid within 30 days
    • Payment is considered made on the date of a draft or other valid instruments.
    • Overdue payments bear simple interest at the rate established under section 55.03.
  • Fraud Investigation
    • Insurers who believe that fraudulent insurance acts have been committed are required to notify the claimant in writing within 30 days after the submission of the claim stating that there is fraud.
    • The insurer has the initial 30 days, plus an additional 60 days to conduct a fraud investigation.
    • Within that 90 day window the insurer must either deny or pay the claim.
  • Physician Reserve
    • Insurers must reserve $5,000 of PIP benefits for payment to physicians licensed under chapter 458 or chapter 459.

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Best Car Accident Lawyers Orlando: PIP in Practice

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