Best DUI Lawyers Orlando

  • Best DUI Lawyers Orlando

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    Why Hire Smith & Eulo Law Firm for your DUI?

    • Award Winning: The Smith & Eulo Law Firm offers award-winning DUI Representation.
      • Awarded 10 Best for Client Satisfaction by the American Institute of DUI/DWI Attorneys.
      • Awarded Legal Elite by Orlando Style
      • Lead Counsel Rated
      • Nominated for top 40 under 40 by the National Trial Lawyers
    • Experienced Representation: The Smith & Eulo Law Firm offers experienced representation.
      • Thousands of cases litigated
      • Extensive Trial Experience.
  • DUIs can impact a life, make sure you hire the Best DUI Lawyers Orlando:
    • Loss of License: When you are arrested for a DUI, you often lose your driver’s license. However, this is merely the administrative suspension. If you plead out to a DUI you can lose your license for a second time.
    • Jail: DUIs can result in a jail sentence. DUIs are no laughing matter, often times a DUI can result in jail time. Loss of income while incarcerated poses a legitimate concern for anyone arrested for DUI.
    • Expenses: DUIs can add up. Whether it is the classes, the cost of supervision, the cost of alternative transportation, fines, and more…DUIs can end up costing you thousands of dollars and a blemish on your record. If you can save money and save your record, it doesn’t make sense not to. There are some reports out there that if you hire a lawyer for your DUI case, and a favorable resolution is obtained, that it might be less costly than the DUI would have been without lawyer costs. In other words, a good DUI Defense might be a bit expensive, but it may save you money in the end and it might save you your record.
    • Your Record: A DUI requires a mandatory adjudication. That means your record is forever blemished. You can’t go back and seal a record that has a DUI on it. Hiring quality representation is important.

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Best DUI Lawyers Orlando

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