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    What does into Defending a Criminal Case?

    • Knowledge of the Client: When a lawyer takes over a case, it’s vital that a lawyer discusses their client’s criminal case in detail. This includes discussion of the maximum and minimum sentences with the client. The client’s goals should always be discussed. The client’s defenses should be discussed. Additionally, a discussion about what a realistic outcome should be had. The reason all of these need to be discussed is that a “good resolution” with one client is not always the same “good resolution” with a different client, even if the charges are the same. That’s because a client’s own personal goals, a client’s expectations, a client’s criminal history, and the facts and defenses available in a particular case may vary widely from case to case.
    • Knowledge of the Legal Rules: Without knowing what the legal rules are, it’s impossible to know what a favorable resolution is and what to go for. For example, if you are looking at a minimum/mandatory prison sentence and the state offers something significantly below what the minimum/mandatory prison sentence is, a lawyer who knows the rules will not advise their client to plea to the bench, because he knows that the judge can’t do better. The best lawyers in Orlando have knowledge of the legal rules that affect your case.
    • Knowledge of Court Procedure: Knowing how cases make it to trial, why cases make it to trial, what a realistic plea is from a prosecutor is, and how to lose an offer from a prosecutor are all things that an experienced lawyer knows after being there and doing that. In other words, an experienced lawyer goes to court frequently and knows the “weird ticks” of the system. Knowing when to stop pushing and how to push are vital and getting a favorable resolution.
    • Knowledge of the Judge and the Prosecutors: Knowing how a particular judge and prosecutor operate will help you navigate the system in a way that optimizes a case outcome. For example, if you know that a specific judge punishes theft cases severely, then entering a blind plea to the bench would be a critical mistake. The best lawyers in Orlando know how the judges and the prosecutors operate on a very specific level.
  • Awards: The Best Lawyers in Orlando have accomplishments and are awarded often for those accomplishments.

When you are looking for the Best Lawyers in Orlando, make sure you do a thorough search. The best lawyers in Orlando have tremendous legal knowledge, they know the system, and they know their clients. If you have any questions about your case, call the Smith & Eulo Law Firm today. 407-930-8912.

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