Car Accident Attorneys Orlando: Suing

You hate being “that person” who files a lawsuit:

One of the number one things that tentative clients say when they first walk through the door is, “I don’t file lawsuits.” Or, “I’m not a person who sues.” Many people are leery of talking to Car Accident Attorneys Orlando because of this misconception about “ambulance chasing” and “faulty claims.” This is a common-but-incorrect line of thinking for a large number of people.

It is an understandable feeling and one of the reasons many people think poorly about the legal system. When you think of car accidents you may think of people blowing things out of proportion. You may also think people trying to get money when they don’t even have any injuries. However, it’s quite sad to see people skip the system, skip the pre-suit negotiation, and just try to “be tough about it” when they have actual injuries that will impact them for the rest of their lives. Consider many things that accident victims don’t know:

More Relaxed than you Envision:

The vast majority of car accident cases don’t resolve with a full-fledged lawsuit. The majority of cases are handled behind the scenes, with civilized communication between adjusters and the firm you hire. Car Accident Attorneys Orlando strives to make the process as simple and as relaxed as possible. The communication between opposing sides is often relaxed, and merely an accounting of your injuries. Generally, a good-faith attempt by your law firm and the insurance company is made, with the number one goal being a fair compensation for your ACTUAL INJURIES. That’s right, most of the time, the insurance company and your firm are simply just talking on the phone, trying to reach a fair settlement that compensates you for your injuries.

Injuries Linger or Can be Hidden:

A lot of people who get into an accident try to be the “tough guy.” They think it’s just a small little inconvenience that will pass in time. However, internal injuries that you don’t have diagnosed can often be much worse than you even realize. A person who is walking around without pain after an accident may have lingering back pain that could last for a lifetime. Inflammation and the shock of an accident can mask the actual damages you may have suffered.

In Florida, PIP laws allow for treatment immediately following an injury, but PIP must be triggered quickly. If you wait on your injury, and casually stroll into an office a month or two later, you won’t be covered by your PIP insurance anymore. This can be a devastating impact for someone who truly doesn’t have the resources to pay for costly rehabilitative needs, that would otherwise have been covered for free under your PIP.

Call a lawyer, it makes sense:

Calling Car Accident Attorneys Orlando is the Smart move: it protects your recovery process and it recoups the damages you suffered. Don’t let an insurance company get a free pass- you spend thousands of dollars a year to be protected when something goes wrong. There is nothing wrong with holding insurance companies accountable for the services you actually pay them to provide. Call to protect your rights and your recovery process. Time is not on your side. Call today for your free consultation. (407) 930-8912.