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Criminal Defense Lawyers. Contact us today. Orlando Criminal Defense Attorneys. 407-930-8912.

CONTACT US NOW, Experienced Orlando Lawyers Ready to talk to you. 407-930-8912. When you contact us, an Orlando Lawyer will walk you through your case, discuss your options, give you a case overview, and even set up an office conference, FREE OF CHARGE. We are located at 32 North Kirkman Road, Orlando, FL 32811. The Office is conveniently located in Southwest Orlando, Metrowest, 32811 area. Easy Access to I-4 and the the Florida Turnpike.

The Smith & Eulo Law Firm has Criminal Defense Lawyers, Civil Lawyers, Personal Injury Lawyers, DUI Lawyers, Traffic Lawyers. When looking for representation you’ll find that most of Orlando’s lawyers are clustered together near downtown Orlando. However, Downtown Orlando’s lack of convenience, parking, locating individual offices, over-saturation of legal representation, and also the need for a legitimate and professional Law Practice in Metrowest prompted the Smith & Eulo Law Firm to Open it’s doors at 7065 Westpointe Blvd.

The Smith & Eulo Law Firm is a full-service Criminal Law Firm, with Criminal Defense Lawyers prepared to handle your case from beginning to end. Whether you need someone to help you with the beginning of a criminal suit, or taking a criminal case to trial, or appealing a bad trial outcome, or even sealing and expunging your record, the Criminal Defense Lawyers at the Smith & Eulo Law Firm have you covered.

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Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyers and Civil Law Attorneys. The Smith & Eulo Law Firm has experienced attorneys who are prepared to fight for your rights.

The Smith & Eulo Law Firm also handles a large variety of Civil Law Cases, with Orlando Civil Law Attorneys ready to discuss your case with you. Whether you were wrongfully arrested, or injured in a car accident, or a family member of yours died from a simple or routine surgery, or you believe you are entitled to PIP benefits, the Smith & Eulo Law Firm has your case handled.

Lastly, in addition to Criminal Defense Lawyers and Civil Law Attorneys, the Smith & Eulo Law Firm has attorneys who are prepared to litigate your Traffic and DUI cases. DUI Cases are often complex and nuanced and require an experienced attorney to step in and handle the intricacies of your criminal case. The Criminal Defense Lawyers are well versed in DUI Laws and also various traffic laws and can help you navigate the difficultly of the criminal justice system.


Criminal Defense Lawyers, DUI, Civil, 407-930-8912