Crime Attorney Orlando: Valid Driver’s License

Crime Attorney Orlando: Valid Driver’s License


Can you be charged criminally simply for driving a vehicle without a valid driver’s license? The answer is YES. There are multiple criminal charges that stem from driving a car while not having a valid driver’s license.


Examples of criminal offenses:

    • Driving w/ A Suspended Driver’s License (DWLS): If you driving license is suspended and you continue to drive without it, you can be ARRESTED, and charged with a criminal offense of Driving with a suspended license. Penalties can be rough, upwards of a year in jail, or even more if your license has been habitually suspended.
    • No-Valid Driver’s License: If you never obtained a valid driver’s license and you are caught driving, the consequences are less than Driving with a Suspended License. However, max penalties still include jail time and probation. Neither is to be taken for granted.


How does a driver’s license become habitually suspended for a 5 year period?

  • If you pick up 3 qualifying offenses within a 5 year period your license can be suspended for 5 years!
  • Offenses that count toward the habitual suspension include even non-criminal infractions like driving with a suspended license without knowledge.
  • Here are some of the offenses that can habitualize you:
    • DWLS (with Knowledge)
    • DWLS (without Knowledge)
    • DUI (Alcohol)
    • DUI (Drugs)
  • Pick up a combination of three of those within a 5 year period and your license can be suspended for 5 years.
  • Call a Crime Attorney Orlando to find out other ways to protect your license from being suspended.


Defenses for not having a valid driver’s license

    • There are ways to avoid strikes toward a habitualized DL.
    • For example, if you resolve a case with a No-Valid DL you will not receive a strike toward the three offenses.
    • Other examples include Failure to Display, which is a traffic infraction and does not count toward habitualization.