Seminole county criminal defense attorneyCriminal offenses are illegal crimes that inflict harm on a person, property or business. These crimes can lead to minor penalties like fines or a life sentence. The penalties you receive will depend if you are getting charged for a penalty or for a misdemeanor. Being convicted of a misdemeanor can lead to penalties such as a jail sentence of up to a year, probation, and fines. For some misdemeanors you might be required to participate in education programs as a part of your penalties. Misdemeanors could be crimes like drug possession, DUI, or theft. Felonies are offenses that range from aggravated battery to murder. White collar crimes can also be categorized as felonies and can lead to a few years in prison. These are severe offenses that can lead to life sentences in prison with a possibility of no probation. One of the first things you should do if you get arrested is to hire proper representation to help you in your case. A criminal defense attorney will have the experience and knowledge to represent you in a criminal offense. When you meet for a consultation about your case, you want to make sure they are someone you feel comfortable with. There are lawyers who will service outside of their home areas. Don’t narrow your search for your specific neighborhood, look out to lawyers willing to travel.

If you find yourself being arrested for a criminal offense you would want to make sure you hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer. When you do your consultation make sure you find out if they have handled cases similar to yours. You want to hire a lawyer who is experienced in dealing with your specific offense so they will know how they should handle your case. Your lawyer will assist you in getting the case settled before it reaches trial. If there is a trial, then they can get you a plea bargain that could lead to a smaller sentence or different charges than the original.

What are the types of criminal offence and their punishments?

A criminal offense is a harmful act that is done to a person, business, or property. There are three categories for a criminal offense. They are a felony, misdemeanor, and an infraction. A Felony is a severe crime that can lead to a life prison sentence. These are crimes that lead to serious bodily harm or threat of harm to another individual. White-collar crimes can also be categorized as felonies. For some felonies, the penalty would be the death penalty. Florida is a state that allows the death penalty through lethal injection or electrocution. Misdemeanors are offenses that are less severe and can lead to a jail sentence of up to a year. They can also be punished by fines or court-ordered conditions like taking specific courses. The last category is infractions, these are crimes that are punished by minor fines. These are like traffic tickets, parking tickets, or other minor offenses.

Why you should hire us for your criminal defense?

The Smith & Eulo law firm has defended thousands of criminal cases, including felonies and misdemeanors from initial appearance to resolution.

  • As a whole, the firm has more than 15 years of law experience.
  • Over the years we have gotten thousands of cases litigated and taken more than 70 to trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does criminal defense mean?

Criminal defense means the act of defending an individual or company who has committed a criminal offense. This can range from a misdemeanor or a felony.

What are the four major criminal law defenses?

There are multiple different routes for when it comes to how you plan of defending your client. Affirmative criminal defense is the act of providing evidence to prove your claim. For example, having a witness testify to provide the defendant an alibi to show they couldn’t have committed the crime. The insanity defense is that claim that the defendant wasn’t in a sane mindset at the time of the crime being committed. This defense doesn’t have a high success rate because it is hard to prove a lack of sanity at the moment. Coercion is the defense that the individual was manipulated into committing a crime that they wouldn’t have intentionally done on their own. The last common method would be the renunciation defense. This defense means that you were initially planning on committing the crime or participating in the crime but then decided to withdraw from it.

What is the difference between a criminal defense lawyer and a trial lawyer?

A criminal defense lawyer represents the defendant who has been charged with criminal offenses. They will appear in first appearances, the argument for a motion, arraignments, plea bargaining, and anything pre-trial. If a trial is scheduled, then the criminal defense lawyer will be a trial lawyer or they might step down and let a trial lawyer step in. This lawyer will be the representative for the official trial. Your original lawyer may still be on the case but will not be the lead lawyer.

Why do you need a criminal defense attorney for your criminal case?

If you are arrested for a criminal offense one of the first things you should do is seek representation from a criminal defense lawyer. They will be your best tool for your case and can assist you in getting a plea deal, shorter sentence or get your charges dropped. Your lawyer can also ask for a lesser charge if they can provide a defense as to why you should be charged for that instead of your original charge.

What is the role of criminal defense lawyer?

A criminal defense lawyer will do research and an investigation of your case. Their role is to either get the charges dropped or reach a plea deal for their client. The plea deal could include a shorter sentence, bail, community service, and a less severe charge.

A criminal offense can vary from minor offenses like misdemeanors to severe offenses like felonies. An experienced criminal defense lawyer will be able to provide a defense that can get your released off your charges or help you reach a plea deal to lessen your sentence. At Smith & Eulo we have criminal defense lawyers who have experience in handling all types of criminal cases. Our main office is in Orlando, but we service the Central Florida Area including the cities of Winter Park, Aloma, Conway, Eatonville, Hiawassee, Holden Heights, Lockhart, Orlovista, Pine Castle, Pine Hills.

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