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  • Criminal Defense Florida- What Happens After a Criminal Arrest?
    • First Appearance: After a person is arrested they go to a first appearance. At their first appearance the primary two questions are: 1. Is there probable cause, and 2. What is the bond?
    • Arraignment: The arraignment is a simple proceeding that can be waived by your criminal defense lawyer. At the arraignment you enter a plea of guilty or not guilty.
    • Pretrial (PTC): Pretrial is the event that occurs after arraignment and before trial. At pretrial your attorney will tell the judge whether the case is going to be a plea or whether the case is going to be a trial. In some instances where the defense attorney is not prepared for trial the attorney will ask for a continuance. The judge will either grant or deny the motion to continue. if the motion is granted then the case will be reset for another pretrial another month or two down the road. If the continuance is denied, then the judge will set the case for trial.
    • Trial: This is the end of the journey. Trial usually takes at least a few months to get to, and it’s not uncommon to see cases making it to trial after a year or two, or even more.
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