Criminal Defense Law Firm: Costs Associated with Representation

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What are costs associated with representation in a criminal case?

  • Traditionally when you sit down with a lawyer from a criminal defense law firm, you go over a fee agreement.
  • The standard fee agreement covers basic lawyer costs for the case: going to court, filing motions, plea negotiations, depositions, etc.
  • However, there are usually costs associated with representation beyond the basics.
    • For example, trial costs. When a lawyer takes a case to trial there are a tremendous amount of hours that goes into the trial beyond what a traditional fee anticipates. That’s why the vast majority of criminal-law fee agreements will state that if the case makes it to trial there is a specific fee that must be paid first.
      • Trial Fees can range anywhere as low as few thousand to much more, depending on the severity of the case.
    • Other Costs Include: Deposition Transcripts, Court Reporters, Filing Fees, etc.

Why hire a Criminal Defense Law Firm?

  • A Criminal Defense Law firm has several unique advantages:
    • Usually have Larger Staff than a Solo Practitioner
    • Usually have a more manageable case load, as cases scattered throughout multiple attorneys.
    • Defense Strategy is often improved by being able to run ideas past other attorneys; whereas if an attorney works in isolation without other legal minds around, then his defense strategy often involves a more singular analysis.
    • More often you are able to get support and coverage from people you actually met.
      • For example, if a firm needs coverage, you will likely receive coverage from an actual person who works at that firm and not from an outside coverage source.

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