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  • Who is “The State?” Often times you hear attorneys say “The state says this or the state says that.” But who really is the state? In Florida, “The State” merely represents The State of Florida’s interests. The interests that its citizens aren’t victimized, the interests that its citizens are not hurt, the interests that its citizens are not stolen from. It is in the best interests of Florida that crime doesn’t occur and that the appropriate steps are taken to ensure that crime is not committed. Punishing criminals is one of those steps.
  • The Office of the State Attorney. The Office of the State Attorney takes the face of “the state.” The Assistant State Attorneys further take the face of the state inside the courtrooms. In lower level crimes (like DUIs) Assistant State Attorneys are often young attorneys, fresh out of law school. As the cases get more serious, the experience of the state attorney handling the case increases. At the top of the totem pole, with cases like Murder and Rape, it’s not uncommon to see most state attorneys many years of courtroom experience, often with at least 10+ years of experience.
  • An Individual Sense of Justice. Prosecutors often handle hundreds of cases and are asked to perform a case-by-case analysis of “justice.”Although they answer to the elected State Attorney for that particular county, each state attorney has an incredible amount of discretion with the cases they have. Their discretion ranges from dropping a case where the evidence isn’t great, to reducing a charge, to allowing a person with a drug addiction off the hook in favor of rehab. The discretion is immense.

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