Do I need a car accident lawyer to receive a settlement in Florida?Car accidents are an unfortunate event that often happen unexpectedly and can’t be avoided. When you are in such situation and the accident caused an injury or property damage, car accident settlements are the best option to cover your losses. However, this process is not easy as pie. The process can be a hassle, time consuming and stressing for you. Sometimes, you wonder if you are ready and/or knowledgeable enough to do such work yourself, or whether you need a car accident lawyer to do the work for you? You might be confused now, so we will help you decide.

How a car accident settlement works?

Once you file a claim an investigation will begin for the accident. During this investigation you would want to provide any information collected during the investigation period. You would want to talk to your lawyer about what steps would need to be taken during this point and they will let you know what information you need. Your lawyer will calculate all of your expenses and reach a desired settlement amount. They will then send the demand letter to request the amount and the insurance has the choice to accept or deny the settlement. Negotiations may be made at this point or a decision to go to court can be made.

What are the things to do in a car accident settlement?

If you decide to hire a car accident lawyer, then they will guide you through the process of the settlement and want information you want to keep track of. Make sure to keep a book that documents the dates and prices of any expenses you have had as a result of the accident. Log every doctor’s appointment, tests you’ve done, results of the test, and how much you had to pay. You would also want to document your recovery every day to show if you are getting better or worse. You should keep another book to document your cars recovery and any repairs it needed. If you are missing work as a result of the accident, then you want to document that and how much money you are losing as a result.

Do you need a car accident lawyer to receive a settlement in Florida?

In Florida, you do not need a lawyer for a settlement. You can call the insurance companies on your own and try to handle it on your own. Unfortunately, you won’t have a high success rate and if you do then the amount you get can be significantly less than you fully need. By hiring an experienced car accident lawyer, you are opening the door to a fair negotiation. They will know what questions to ask and how much to calculate to get you the compensation you need. In the end, the best way to have a higher chance of a successful outcome is to hire a car accident lawyer.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of processing settlement on your own?

The best time to represent yourself is if there is minimal damage or injuries. The reason being, if you happen to lose the settlement then it isn’t going to be as big as an impact as a severe accident. If you do decide to represent yourself then you would want to take the time to study the laws and the claim process. By going in blind then you are opening the door to being taken advantage of not getting everything you deserve. Compared to having a lawyer, the stakes are higher if you decide to self-represent.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of processing settlement by a lawyer?

By hiring an experienced car accident lawyer, you are getting one of the best tools to win a settlement. They will know all of the laws and tricks that insurance companies may try to pull with the settlement. They will be the main contact for the insurance companies, so you don’t have to personally speak to them. Your lawyer will be the messenger for you and you don’t have to worry about making a hundred phone calls to doctors, insurance companies or any other necessary tasks. You would want to provide them with as much information and evidence as possible so they can build your claim as much as they can. Your lawyer will draft a demand letter to send to the insurance companies so they can reach a settlement.

The main disadvantage of hiring a lawyer is not receiving the full compensation from the settlement because of their contingency fee. They can be between 25 – 40% but the remainder amount should be able to pay for all if not most of your remaining expenses or compensate already spent expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Provide a record of all your expenses caused by the accident. Keep track of everything like medical bills, procedures, repairs and your recovery because this is vital information. You would want to get an experience car accident lawyer to help represent you for a settlement. They will be the main point of contact and be the ones to reach out for a settlement.

The time frame for a settlement depends on multiple factors. It can take anywhere between two weeks to two years. The main reason for a case to take a few years to reach a settlement is because it might get taken to court to reach a decision. For a normal case it could take you about three months to receive information about the result of your claim.

Your lawyer will be your representative for your settlement. They will be the main point of contact for you and you wouldn’t have to reach out to the insurance companies on your own. To get the most accurate information to put in your claim you want to give your lawyer as much accurate information you can. Keep logs for everything like recovery, appointments, tests, and car repairs. Everything and anything can help. Once they gather enough information, they would send the demand letter to reach a settlement with the insurance company.

The best way to reach a settlement would be to hire a car accident lawyer. If you decide that you want to represent yourself then you want to educate yourself on everything when it comes to settlements. You would want to learn how to calculate the settlement amount and how much to negotiate. Make sure you know the questions you should be asking for and log everything you are told. Whether you get a lawyer you would want to keep record of everything you would need compensation for like medical bills and car repairs.

In Florida, personal injury settlements do not count as gross income and are not taxable. Even though the settlement isn’t taxed that doesn’t mean other compensation you received won’t be taxed. For example, if you receive compensation for loss wages then that will be taxed as income.

What is the car accident settlement process?

Once a claim is made an investigation will begin to determine the fault and any factors of the car accident. They will also be searching for any red flags of possible fraud. After the investigation they will try to reach a final settlement. At this point your lawyer will send in a demand letter. The insurance companies will have the choice to accept or deny the settlement. For whatever reason it is denied, you may now have to go to court to represent your case. This process can take 1 – 2 years to reach a final decision.

Where can I find a reliable lawyer that can win a fair compensation for car accident?

The best way to find a car accident lawyer near you is to use Google. Type into the Google search bar “Best Car Accident Lawyers near me” and there should be a list that appears. Google should offer you their ranking, reviews, hours of operation, contact information and address. Most lawyers offer free consultations so it would be best to contact a few before you make your final decision.

What is the car accident settlement time frame?

Every settlement is different so there is no exact set time frame, but it can vary between two weeks to two years. An investigation would need to be started within 10 days of the accident date being reported. After those 10 days the insurance company will have 90 days to investigate the claim and search for any signs of fraud. During the investigation the insurance companies would have to reach a settlement. After all the necessary information is collected and calculated your lawyer will submit their demand letter and the insurance companies have the choice of accepting or denying it. If it ends up getting denied, then you will go to trial and the settlement won’t be reached for a few years.


Hiring a lawyer will be one of the best tools for winning your settlement and receiving compensation. Your lawyer will be the middleman between you and the insurance company and will be the one sending the final demand letter. They will advise you of everything you need to do and what to keep track of so you can build your case. You would want to track of all your evidence and log all of your expenses because every little bit can help. An experienced car accident lawyer will give you a higher chance of reaching a settlement and compensation for your claim.

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