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  • Dog Bites are Strict Liability: That means you are automatically guilty for your dog biting someone even if you didn’t intend for your dog to bite that person.
  • Dog Bites are Defensible however: The legislature has created specific defenses to enable a dog owner to defend themselves when being sued over a dog bit incident. This is because the legislature realizes that strict liability can be unfair in certain situations. Therefore, they have carved out specific enumerated defenses that allow a dog owner to escape liability, or to at least limit liability.
  • Defenses to Dog Bite Cases: Consider the following defenses:
    • Bad Dog Signs: The statute says that a dog owner is not liable, except as to young children, where the dog owner has an easily readable sign that says the words “Bad Dog.”
    • Comparative Negligence: The Statute goes on to say that a second way that a dog owner can escape or limit liability is if the person who was bitten was negligent and is partly responsible for being bitten because of their own negligence.
  • Dog Liability Cases are Often Quite Personal: People are often quite injured, with marks or disfigurement. This can lead to emotional distress and a loss of income. The owner of the dog faces his own problems, as he left to potentially pay thousands of dollars in medical expenses and the worries of his own dog being put down because of the attack. It is important to understand the importance of hiring a good lawyer who can help fight for your rights.

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