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  • What are financial crimes? Financial crimes are those crimes that involve money. Examples of financial crimes can be fraudulent schemes, such as bank fraud, stock fraud, market manipulation, theft, insurance fraud, etc.
  • What is the Economic Crimes Unit (ECU)? The Orange County State Attorney’s Office actually dedicates an entire group of prosecutors to prosecuting crimes involving financial crimes. They refer to their group at the Economic Crimes Unit, or ECU.
  • Complicated: Economic or Financial Crimes can be more complicated than a traditional case. When the scheme is sophisticated or the fraud complex, the ECU often requires large amounts of documents to support their case. For example, there may be months worth of bank statements, or there may be financial records that date back years. Each case is unique and requires specific evidence.
  • Defenses to Financial Crimes: Your Defense to a Financial Crime can often depend on the given facts of your case. However, here are some of the basic defenses to a financial crime:
    • Didn’t Commit the Theft/Fraud: One of the most basic defenses in all cases is that the accusation simply isn’t true. For example, the State alleges that the Defendant stole money from his company over a period of years. The Defense would simply be that the Theft never occurred and that no money was ever removed from the company. The burden would be on the State to prove that the theft occurred.
    • Didn’t Steal as Much as State Claims: Another Defense is to argue that the amount alleged is not as high as the State is claiming. The higher the amount, the more serious the felony usually is, so in a defense such as this the Defense would be attempting to argue for a lesser-included charge.
    • More Defenses: There are many more Defenses Available, which should be discussed with your lawyer on a case-by-case basis, depending on the facts of the case.

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Dr. Phillips Lawyer: Financial Crimes

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