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Driving Without a License in Florida First Offense

Driving Without a License in Florida First Offense

Driving Without a License in Florida First OffenseIf you might be arrested for driving without a license in Florida first offense, you will be immediately suspended through the Department of Motor Vehicles thirty days soon after your arrest date. In the course of the first thirty days following your arrest you retain full driving privileges. You have the ability to fight the permit suspension; nevertheless, if you tend not to ask for hearing within ten days your current license will automatically be suspended. That the reason you should hire a proficient lawyer in Florida State that can ease this process for you and obtain the hearing on your behalf.

The suspension for a first time offender is four months but right after thirty days of no driving; you may follow steps to obtain a restricted license that should enable you to drive to and from work; within the course of work and return and forth an alcohol program. Once more; a skilled DUI attorney will make sure for you to have completed all of the appropriate documents and procedures to have you back again on the road as soon as feasible.

When one fails to appear to court, the consequence will be two-fold. First, the court will add a second count to your ticket under Vehicle Code; also a failure to appear that carries a fine. Second, the court will issue an abstract to the DMV to suspend your license under Vehicle Code.

When this situation appears, then a misdemeanor case can be file. If this is your case, then it is imperative that you get your license back as soon as possible. By putting the traffic ticket that caused the suspension back on calendar and requesting that the court issue an abstract; and it should lift the suspension off. You must go back to the DMV to have your license reissued.

First Offense

If you are a first offender, then an experienced criminal defense attorney should be able to reduce the misdemeanor to an infraction if the proper procedure is taken and you are able to get your license back. If you cannot get your license back; then it is likely that probation and  there will be a negotiations regarding the fine by your lawyer.

The State Debt Recovery Office has the power to suspend a driver’s license where an enforcement order is outstanding beyond the due date. They have this power even if the fines in question were not related to traffic matters.

The court requires you to receive notifications of any suspension of this nature. And also it may be a defense if you are reasonably unaware of the suspension.

For this particular type of offence however, the legislation requires that the court o account the effect the penalty.

The defense team at Smith & Eulo has know-how managing complicated specifications, which usually ought to come as no real surprise as they’ve offered legal representation for hundreds of clients at their own APS hearing. The Smith & Eulo recognizes the numerous struggles that may lead to your life due to some license suspension. This is why they work so passionately to protect your freedom of driving and in fact have saved many clients’ licenses. Contact the Smith & Eulo today to employ a skilled attorney that will aggressively defend your rights in court.

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