Driving Without Proof of License FloridaDriving without proof of license Florida is a very dangerous thing to do. If you are caught driving illegally without proof of license, you could find yourself receiving hefty fines or charged in court. There is a reason for this, as there are simply too many risks involved in driving without it. That’s why you need to find a qualified Florida lawyer to take care of legal issues if you are taken to court.

What are consequences of driving without proof of license Florida?


You could be fined and be out of pocket financially by hundreds or even thousands of dollars. It is cheaper to get a valid license to avoid this problem.


If you are caught driving without a license your driving privileges could be suspended. And if you happen to get involved in an accident while driving without a license, then you could face very harsh criminal penalties. The victim can also sue you for damages in civil court.


In some cases, driving without a valid license or with a suspended license could result in jail time. Loss of liberty means you can’t work and can’t support your family. It is cheaper to just get a license.

Bonus Tip – Car Accident

Car accident can occur at any time! No matter how excellent you think your driving skills are, other drivers on the road may not match up. Someone could hit into you, without you being able to do anything to prevent it. What would you do if someone crashed into you, but they did not have insurance? What if they were unable to pay the cost of repairs, would you go through the long drawn out court processes required to make them pay? In addition, then you have to think on the other side of the fence. What happens if you cause an accident and do not have car insurance?

People do not go out on the road every day, expecting to have a collision – it just happens! It is better to prepare in case it happens to you. Realistically, the accident and car theft statistics are alarmingly high, so believing that you are immune to this and do not need insurance can be very detrimental to your financial future.

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