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Driving Without Proof of License Florida

Driving Without Proof of License FloridaDriving without proof of license Florida is a very dangerous thing to do. Quite simply you are deemed a ‘professional’ driver and you will have no excuse. If you are caught driving illegally without proof of license, you could find yourself receiving hefty fines or charged in court. There is a reason for this, as there are simply too many risks involved in driving without it. That’s why you need to find a qualified Florida lawyer to take care of legal issues if you are taken to court.

What are consequences of driving without proof of license Florida?


You are out of pocket financially by several hundred pounds and it would have been cheaper to get the license, you will probably continue your business and this time have van license. You have had a lucky escape. Really. You have.


If you are an owner driver – you are toast, seriously you cannot drive legally, you cannot operate you business as it requires you to drive. And if you have not had an accident, then ok, you will need a new career. Also if you have had an accident and have been driving your van without license then you will be in serious trouble. The victim can claim against you for damages, and you could lose your house.

Points on the driver’s license: Your van license is now twice the price it could have been, as you have points. It costs you more financially and you need to stick for upto 4 years with the points on your license.

Van Crushed

No van, no job if you are an owner driver. If you have several vans, you have lost a big chunk of your business. If you have just one van, you have lost it all.

Sent to prison

Loss of liberty, can’t run your business. Business will probably fold. Harder to start up when released as you have a criminal conviction. Harder and more expensive to get license for any vans that you get.

Car accident can occur at any time! No matter how excellent you think your driving skills are, other drivers on the road may not match up. Someone could hit into you, without you being able to do anything to prevent it. What would you do if someone crashed into you, but they did not have insurance? What if they were unable to pay the cost of repairs, would you go through the long drawn out court processes required to make them pay? In addition, then you have to think on the other side of the fence. What happens if you cause an accident and do not have car insurance?

People do not go out on the road every day, expecting to have a collision – it just happens! It is better to prepare in case it happens to you. Realistically, the accident and car theft statistics are alarmingly high, so believing that you are immune to this and do not need insurance can be very detrimental to your financial future.

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