DUI Law Firm in Orlando: Pretrial Diversion

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Do you qualify for DUI Diversion?

    • According to the Orange County DUI Diversion Program, you qualify for the DUI Diversion Program if:
      • No more than two other misdemeanor convictions
      • No previous alcohol-related offenses
      • BAC doesn’t exceed .220
      • The DUI doesn’t involve a crash/accident
    • In sum, the DUI Diversion program is relatively easy to get into. You can have almost 3 times the legal limit and you can have previous misdemeanor convictions. If you aren’t sure whether you qualify, you should call a DUI Law Firm to discuss your eligibility.

What are the Conditions of DUI Diversion?

    • 12-15 months of the diversion program depending on whether you are in a Tier 1 or a Tier 2 program.
    • 50 hours community service.
    • Various costs associated with supervision, including a $50/month supervision cost.
    • DUI School
    • Victim Impact Classes
    • Vehicle Impound
    • Ignition Interlock
    • **If you are unsure what DUI Diversion is like and would like to have the program explained in a more thorough way you should consult with a DUI Law Firm to go over the program and how the diversion program works and how it might apply to your case.**

Who makes the referral into a DUI Diversion Program?

    • It’s the State Attorney who makes the referral.
    • This is important because the State doesn’t have to make the referral. As most criminal defense lawyers will tell you, a DUI Referral is not usually the first thing the State Attorney will offer. Sometimes it takes convincing, including providing proper mitigation, and showing the State why their client deserves DUI Diversion.

DUI Diversion Program is a great option for people looking to preserve their record. If you don’t do diversion and end up entering a plea to a DUI you are required to have an adjudication of guilt. An Adjudication means that you will forever have a DUI on your record, and you cannot seal or expunge the DUI. Call and talk to a DUI Law Firm today. 407-930-8912. www.SmithandEulo.com