DUI lawyers cost

Having legal representation is one of the things that people need at some point in their lives. Whether divorce, business and even all other legal issues, having a qualified lawyer will always make your work easier and save you money. At Smith & Eulo Law Firm, we ensure that we give quality services to our clients. We have qualified lawyers to represent our clients in civil and even criminal cases. We also have DUI lawyers who are very qualified and skilled. The DUI lawyers cost is quire affordable too. We have many years of experience in the field and our main areas of operation are Orlando.

These are lawyers who are tasked with helping you with the offence of driving under influence. When you find yourself charge with DUI around the areas of Orlando, we are the firm to contact. Our team of DUI lawyers offer their services relatively cheaper than other firms. The price at which you can hire a DUI lawyer depends on a few things;

• Your previous records: if you have been previously charged for the same crime there before, then the price of the DUI lawyers is going to be higher.

• The crime you have to answer for, some of the cases may require more skill and experience,  if your crime is more serious than the others, then you may be forced to pay more for the services of the DUI lawyers.

About us

There are core values we abide by to ensure that we offer the best quality services to our clients. Some of our core values are;

• Compassion

First of all, we believe that all our clients require to feel compassion from their lawyers when they are going through the tough cases. Also, we understand that some of these cases are straining both emotionally and physically to our clients. In addition to ensuring you are at ease, we also give you guidance and advice on all the options that you have, so that you are able to make an informed decision.

• Communication

Therefore, one of the things that determine the outcome of the petition.  And good communication between you and your lawyer ensures that you are made aware of all that is at stake and the correct measures to take.

• Our services are client centered

At Smith & Eulo Law Firm, we believe that the client comes first and that your need are our priority. We value you and our main purpose is to ensure that the outcome of the case brings justice to you.

• Capability

Here at Smith & Eulo Law Firm, we have handled a countless number of cases in many fields from civil to criminal and even DUI. All the cases that we have handled came out with the best verdict granting justice to our clients.


At Smith & Eulo Law Firm, we have a team of DUI lawyers are committed to ensuring that our clients get the best outcome in their cases. Also, we offer services in criminal, civil and other varied areas. Our core values are based on the 4 c’s, compassion, capability, client centered ad communication. We believe that they are key in determining the outcome of the cases. We are located in Orlando,Florida and we are available for all your legal representation needs.