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    DUI charges carry hefty penalties that effect your ability to get around:

    • You often lose your driver’s license
    • You may have a vehicle interlock device
    • You may have a pretrial release conditions that effect your ability to travel
    • You may have to spend thousands more dollars in insurance premiums.
    • You may have less money to spend on other forms of travel expenses because of expensive legal fees.
  • Why hiring DUI Lawyers Near Me (Near YOU) is to your advantage
    • Save Money
    • Easier communication with your lawyer
    • More time in your schedule
      • After a DUI, there are a lot of things going on:
        • Figuring out how to get to work without a car
        • Figuring out how to make all of your PTR appointments
        • Figuring out how to contest your License Suspension
      • Getting to your lawyer’s office should not be another inconvenience. Hire DUI Lawyers Near Me to help easy the burden of your situation

Did you know that you don’t have to lose your license following a DUI stop? Under the law you have 10 days to contest the loss of a license. When you get arrested for a DUI make sure you talk to a DUI Lawyer Immediately. Call Smith & Eulo today for your FREE CONSULTATION. Experienced Representation you can count on. 407-930-8912.


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