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DUI LawyerWhat Is A DUI Lawyer And Why You Need One

DUI Lawyers say, that according to a Center For Disease Control And Prevention statistic, alcohol-impaired driving accidents caused 10,265 deaths in 2015 alone. This accounts for 29% of the total traffic-related deaths. Considering that “drunk driving” is very much preventable, it’s the reason why Orlando courts are very serious when it comes to DUI.

What Is a DUI Lawyers?

DUI is short for Driving Under The Influence. According to the DUI laws, it’s a crime for anyone to be operating a motor vehicle while under the effects of alcohol and/or drugs. Keep in mind that this includes illegal drugs and prescription medications. Since it’s the courts that decide if you are guilty or not, you have the right to defend yourself. You can either do this by representing yourself or hire DUI lawyers to represent you. Attorneys that specialize in DUI law are referred to as a DUI lawyers.

DUI Lawyer – Why You Need One

If you are arrested for a DUI, then it’s likely that you are getting a lot of advice from friends and relatives. The inputs may range from hiring a DUI attorney to pleading guilty. Unless the person giving you the advice is an attorney specializing in Orlando DUI law, then it’s best to take the information with a grain of salt. Although there are merits to representing yourself, we highly suggest that you consult with a DUI lawyer for a number of reasons.

  • Your future is at risk – being sentenced for a DUI offense is already a serious matter. Unfortunately, it does not stop there. A DUI offense may stay on your record forever, and this will have a drastic negative effect on your future from finding an apartment to employment. While it is true that consulting or hiring a DUI lawyer will cost you money, but in most cases, it’s the cheaper option. For example, can you afford to go to work using public transport or a bike? A good DUI Lawyer may help you save your driving privileges.
  • DUI law is mind-boggling – DUI law can be confusing and overwhelming for most people. This is especially true for many first offenders. Because of DUI law complexities, it’s best that you hire a DUI Lawyer or at least work with a public defender. A good DUI attorney can help you a lot from lowering the bail amount to waiving serious court conditions.
  • Public defenders are often busy – although working with a public defender is better than representing yourself, but the sad truth is that they are too occupied. There’s a good chance that your public defender will miss out an important detail that drastically improves the result of your DUI case.

Bottom Line

A DUI is a serious offense that may drastically alter the course of your life. What you don’t want to do is take the matter lightly. Even if hiring or consulting a DUI attorney may cost money, but we are talking about your freedom and privileges here. For many, you cant put a price on liberty.

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