Employment Law Contract

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Employment Law Contracts are often critical when you are hiring an employee. Florida is an at-will work state so many businesses think that it’s to their advantage to avoid employment law contracts like the plague. However, this is dangerous. Let’s consider an employer who hires an employee who doesn’t have an employment law contract. In this hypothetical let’s call her Venom.

The importance of an Employment Law Contract

So you hire Venom and she is completely incompetent: she costs your business thousands of dollars, she is rude, she has no work ethic, and she needs to go. Let’s further assume that Venom doesn’t have an employment law contract. What happens when you fire her? If she is simply lazy but nice, then you are probably okay. But if she is incompetent AND vindictive there can be serious issues that arise. For example, if Venom decides to contact clients without the business’s permission what’s stopping her? There is no non-compete clause that really prevents her from doing this.

As unethical as it may seem, Venom can wreak havoc by contacting clients, by stealing company secrets, and by turning positive business situations into negative ones. Therefore, it’s crucial that the business protect itself, despite Venom’s firing. Employment Law contracts don’t prevent a business from firing incompetent employees like our Venom example. What they do is allow the business to protect their interests even in the wake of a firing.

Why hire an attorney?

You should contact an experienced law firm if you are a small business who wants advice and legal opinions on what should go into an employment contract and whether you should include an employment law contract when hiring new employees. The law firm can sit down and go over your specific concerns, advise you on the law, and make sure that while your employee can be fired at will, that they have specific things that are disallowed once the firing is complete. This protects the business owner from Venom’s attempts to wreak havoc on your business.