• What is evidence? The short answer is almost everything can be considered “evidence.” Too often, lay persons who don’t understand the law attempt to determine the evidence in their own case, incorrectly concluding that there “isn’t any solid evidence against them.”
  • A Witness Statement is Evidence. It’s a difficult concept for some people to understand, because most people relate evidence to only actual physical evidence that can be used against you at trial. However, even the simple testimony of a witness can be considered evidence. It seems almost incomprehensible to some people that a case can solely be decided on the words of a victim.
  • Consider different forms of evidence:
    • Statement from Victim- a Victim can take the stand and testify to what she saw, what she observed, and what happened during the course of the criminal incident.
    • Physical Evidence- Physical Evidence can be admissible at trial as well. An Example of Physical Evidence would be DNA left behind at the scene.
    • Video & Audio- Video & Audio evidence are evidence. They include recordings of the incident itself or some event or statement that has some significant to the case. For example, a critical piece of evidence would be video recording of the Defendant Robbing the store.
    • Expert Evidence. Testimony from experts can be evidence in a case. For example, a DNA expert can testify to the meaning behind the physical evidence that was recovered from the scene.
  • Listen to your lawyer regarding evidence. You hire a lawyer for a reason. Cases can be comprised of many forms of evidence, some forms of evidence, or in some cases only a single form of evidence. Even if your case contains only evidence in the form of a statement from a witness, there still is evidence against you. Many people think there is only one type of evidence when in reality there are many forms.

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