What are the federal crimes?

Federal crimes are offenses that are committed in US federal property like national parks, airports or multiple states or crosses state borders. These crimes are regarded as federal to avoid misunderstanding of which state should be in charge of the prosecution.

Charges against such crimes are taking care of by the federal courts which are mostly located in the larger and urban parts in states. Such crimes include fraud, sex crimes, cyberstalking, drug dealing, weapons charges, immigration charges, and kidnapping among others.

What to expect when facing federal criminal charges

One thing you need to know is that federal criminal charges are taking care with utmost seriousness and care. The government doesn’t lose cases lightly which means if you find yourself facing federal criminal charges, the road ahead won’t be any smooth and a small mistake can cost you dearly.

Courts determining federal criminal charges are guided by constitutional law which means you should be well prepared. The outcome of the case is intent on by federal grand juries who may sit a long time going up to several months.

The appropriate penalties for federal criminal charges; set on by using a point system. Each crime has a predefined point value to which additional penalties may be build on depending on various factors like the severity of the damage caused by the offense. If someone facing federal criminal charges is found guilty, the range of potential penalties includes being hold on under probation for a specified period, long-term jail term, or steep fines.

Advice when facing federal criminal charges

When you are facing federal criminal charges, you still have legal rights. All the rights remain intact which is good if you are falsely blame for the crime. You should stay silent because talking too much won’t get the trouble away. The police may end up using your words against you. Always avoid speaking to them until you have your legal counsel.

How to be ready

Federal criminal charges carry severe repercussions. When facing such charges, it’s advisable to seek the services of a federal criminal lawyer. An experienced lawyer will come into handy in defending you properly against the charges you are facing.

You may be facing with multiple witnesses or prosecutors against you. This can confuse you, disturb you mentally, and the worst part, find yourself convicted of the crime. To avoid this, hiring a federal criminal lawyer is the way to go.

How to find a federal criminal lawyer

When looking for a federal criminal lawyer to represent you, remember that not all lawyers have the capability to defend you. Below are attributes of a good federal crimes lawyer.

Expertise and Experience

When looking for a federal criminal lawyer, check his or her knowledge in handling cases similar to yours. How many of such cases have he/she won? A good lawyer should be able to assess your case to tell the possible outcomes. This way, both of you will be ready. You can ask around from friends or family members who may have interacted with the lawyer before. This will give you a clue about his/her expertise in handling cases similar to yours.


Federal criminal charges may last for a long time; you should choose a federal criminal lawyer who is willing to stick with all through and one that will be available whenever you need him/her.


Choose a federal criminal lawyer who you can afford to hire. One thing you have to remember is that cheap is not always the best. You should be wary of lawyers who offer their services at an extremely low price. Expensive is not a guarantee of quality service and representation either. It’s best to have an appointment with the lawyer to ask him/her some questions to enable you to gauge his ability against his/her price.