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  • Difference between Federal Court Lawyers and State Court Lawyers: If you are barred to practice law in Florida you are able to practice in State Court. However, there are additional steps that must be taken in order to practice law in a federal court. For example, in the Middle District you must have several references in your application to practice.
  • Filing Documents in Federal Court: Practicing in Federal Court is very exacting, that even has an entirely E-Filing portal than the Statewide filing portal. A federal criminal defense lawyer in Orlando would have separate login information for their state cases and for their federal cases. The form of the motions is also different. For example, the stylistic components of a motion are unique to a federal courtroom.
  • Rules of Criminal Procedure: There are a number of differences in the Rules of Criminal Procedure in a Federal Criminal Setting than in a State Criminal Setting. The differences in the rules can result in different sentences, different complexities in the cases, different timelines, and much more.
  • Importance of Hiring a Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer for a Federal Criminal Case: Without a delicate understanding of the Federal Criminal System, a lawyer might not be well equipped to handle your federal case. Federal charges are often highly nuanced and complicated, so hiring a lawyer who understands the federal criminal system is important.

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Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer in Orlando

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