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  • Criminal Procedure: Talk to a Federal Defense Lawyer if you have a question about the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure. The Rules between State and Federal Court can differ greatly.
  • Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure: Consider some of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure:
    • Rule 56, when the Court is Open: “A District Court is considered always open for any filing, and for issuing and returning process, making a motion, or entering an order.”
    • Rule 57, Local Rules, “Each District Court acting by a majority of its district judges may, after giving appropriate public notice and an opportunity to comment, make and amend rules governing its practice. “A local rule must be consist with–but not duplicative of federal statutes and rules adopted under 28 U.S.C. 2072.”
    • Rule 26.3, Mistrial: “Before ordering a mistrial, the court must give each defendant and the government an opportunity to comment on the propriety of the order, to state whether that party consents or objects, and to suggest alternatives.”
    • Rule 29.1, Closing Argument: “Closing Argument proceed in the following order, (a) government argues, (b) the defense argues, and (c) the government rebuts.”
    • Rule 23, Jury or Nonjury Trial: “If the Defendant is entitled to a jury trial, the trial must be by jury unless: (1) the Defendant waives a jury trial in writing, (2) the government consents, and (3) the court approves.”
    • Rule 10, Arraignment: “In general an arraignment must be conducted in open court and must consist of (1) ensuring that the defendant has a copy of the indictment or information, (2) reading the indictment or information to the defendant or stating to the defendant the substance of the charge; and then (3) asking the defendant to plead to the indictment or information.”

There are many more rules of Criminal Procedure in Federal Court. These are just merely some of the many rules that a Federal Defense Lawyer in Florida may utilize. If you have questions about your case please call a Federal Defense Lawyer today. Call the Smith & Eulo Law Firm. 407-930-8912. www.SmithandEulo.com

Federal Defense Lawyer in Florida

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