Grand Larceny Florida!

Grand Larceny FloridaYou may have heard of the term Grand larceny used to describe theft in Florida. In Florida, Grand Larceny is actually called Grand Theft. It is the taking of another’s property with the aim of depriving them of that property permanently in an amount over $300. The terms are very similar, and are only different in name. Both involve a taking of property without violence.

Larceny vs. Theft

The only difference that exists between grand larceny vs. grand theft is the name.

Crafting Defenses Against the Charge

Defending against this type of criminal charge requires an experienced criminal lawyer. The first step is to determine whether or not the amount o the property is over $300. Grand larceny Florida is largely based on the estimated value of the property in question. Examples of grand larceny include taking someone’s property with a value over $300, and permanently depriving the legal owner of the property.

What to do after Crafting Defenses Against the Charge

After determining the monetary value of the property involved, the next step in crafting a defense against the charge would be to see if proof exists that the property actually belonged to the victim in the first place. Unless the crime involved a registered item such as a car, it can be tricky to prove ownership. Without ownership established, there may not be a crime; unless they can prove that depriving the victim of that property would result in permanent harm by its loss. If not, the larceny charge can downgrade to a misdemeanor or drop altogether.

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