If you are a gardener or simply love the scent of a lovely improved, then a visit to the Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando is worth your time. This is among the silent attractions of Orlando that will offer a fantastic change of pace from the brassy theme parks. Let us look at what you’ll find here. The gardens consist of 3 miles of paved panoramic paths that wind throughout fifty acres of southern styled gardens. The gardens comprise America’s largest Camellia collection outside California, 3 acres of garden ideas for weekend projects, the largest formal improved garden in Florida, a house museum dating from that the 1880’s, two acres of tropical gardens, a Vegetable and Herb Garden, a Butterfly Garden and more.

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These gardens compose a botanical oasis where one can detect palms, cycads and flowering trees, like azaleas, vines, bromeliads, orchids and aroids or take delight at the sight of recognizable yearly flowers and that the beauty of roses and camellias. You might take a quiet walk under the awe-inspiring branches of camphor trees, elms and oaks and forget that the cares of that the outside world. Among that the highlights of that the gardens are that the amazing improved garden. Popularly called Mary Jane’s Rose Garden, this improved garden is laid out in the standard European design and is the largest formal improved garden in Florida.

The space would be bright and open and presents an Italian stone fountain encompassed by four gazebos. Over 1, 000 roses of several types are in bloom all year round. The peak spring display is in Apr, followed by an autumn peak in October and Nov and climbing roses. Should you go through this garden you’ll Find hybrid tea, floribunda, Grandiflora, English, Bermuda Mystery, mini, shrub and climbing roses. This is an improved lover’s paradise. Not to be outdone by that the roses, that the Camellia Collection is among the largest outdoor collection of its kind in the US.

Common camellias and sasanquas comprise the most of that the collection as well as over twenty-five species from several locations through the world. The optimum time to see that the Camellias is from October to March. The gardens are more than a place to just gawk at that the flowers, you may also take benefit of that the regular educational activities, tours, facility rentals and special events. You can schedule a guided tour for your group or party by contacting that the garden’s educational department 3 weeks before your visit. The cost per visitor for a guided tour would be $9.00. School tours may also be organized by calling the Educational department at 246 – 3621. Throughout that the year that the garden holds a series of lessons on different topics of interest to gardeners including organic gardening, winter gardening, spring gardening, bonsai, container gardening, landscaping along with other lots more.