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  • Get Medical Attention
    • If you are the pedestrian in a hit and run car accident case, you are still entitled to PIP coverage. You can claim from your auto insurance policy or the at-fault driver. Even if you don’t think you are seriously injured, you need to seek out medical attention immediately. This will protect your health down the line, and it will trigger the PIP requirements for seeing a doctor timely. Every year people have internal injuries without realizing they are even injured. Seeking medical attention quickly will help to confirm or deny the existence of life-threatening injuries.
  • License Plate Number & Other Features
    • It’s important to quickly find the license plate of the car that hit you. Quickly try to look and note identifying features of the vehicle. What did the car look like? What was the model and make? Approximate year? New or used? Even one or two of the numbers on the license plate visible? While you might not be able to get ALL of the information, try to get as much as you can. Talk to the police and your car accident lawyer to see if they can help you track down the driver.
  • Don’t make any statements before you talk to you lawyer
    • It’s important to talk to you lawyer first before making any official recorded statements. Statements to an insurance company that may seem truthful at the time may turn out to be inconsistent with reality. Consider a person who tells their insurance company that there are no medical injuries. BUT, in reality there are a number of internal injuries and a number of things actually wrong with you. In many instances a person in shock may feel different than they would feel hours, days, or even weeks later. It’s important to appropriately address your situation medically and legally before making simplistic statements that may not actually be accurate.
  • Get Witnesses & Statements
    • In the heat of the moment it may be tough to remember to talk to observers and get their numbers and get their information. However, it’s important to do your best to make a survey of the scene. Who saw this? What shops are around? What time is it? Did any of the shop employees see what happened? Etc. By making note of important markers of your surroundings and attempting to gather their names and their information, you will be better equipped to address your legal and medical needs down the road. CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER NOTES: even if you don’t feel injured, still gather names and numbers and statements. You may be in shock, and the real injuries that will show themselves in the upcoming days may need medical attention, and may even need to be litigated down the road. The witnesses will be helpful.

In Sum, a Hit and Run Accident can be a difficult and traumatic experience. However, there are ways to make the experience less traumatic. Call your lawyer, seek medical attention, gather witnesses, and report the crash to the police.

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