What Constitutes a DUI in Florida?

If you have been detained and charged with a DUI in Viera, FL, you are probably going to need a lawyer. Smith & Eulo DUI lawyers specialize in DUI law and our group is here to assist you when required. Considering that Florida is a traveler state, we see more than our reasonable share of DUI arrests. If you live here in Florida or are travelling through, it is sensible to comprehend the local DUI laws. For instance, what constitutes a DUI in Florida?

  • If the driver of the lorry has a blood alcohol material of.08 percent or more, he or she is deemed to be driving under the influence
  • Additionally, drivers utilizing chemical substances, unlawful controlled substances, and/or prescription drugs (such as Oxycodone) can also be thought about under the influence if stopped.

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DUI Penalties in Florida

DUI fines and penalties in Florida are extreme and if there are worsening scenarios, things get significantly worse for anybody founded guilty. For instance, a license suspension goes from approximately one year to a compulsory 5 years if the 2nd DUI is within 5 years of the prior arrest. Here is a complete rundown of the current Florida DUI fines and penalties:

First Offense

  • Approximately nine months in prison
  • Fines ranging from $500 to $1,000.
  • 180 to 365-day license suspension.
  • Possible six-month ignition interlock device (IID).
  • 50 hours of social work (can elect to pay fine in lieu of hours served).
  • Vehicle took for 10 days.

Second Offense.

  • Approximately nine months in prison.
  • Fines ranging from $1,000 to $2,000.
  • 180 to 365-day license suspension.
  • Two-year necessary IID.
  • If the conviction is within 5 years of prior DUI, necessary 10 days jail time and 30-day lorry impoundment.
  • If the conviction is within 5 years of prior DUI, license revoked for 5 years.

3rd Offense.

  • Approximately one year in jail.
  • Fines ranging from $2,000 to $5,0000.
  • 180 to 365-day license suspension.
  • Two-year necessary IID.
  • If the conviction is within ten years or prior DUI, necessary 30-day minimum in jail and 30-day lorry impoundment.
  • If the conviction is within ten years or prior DUI, necessary license revocation for ten years.


Do You Need a Lawyer for First Time DUI?

Darryl R. Smith, Esq. - DUI Lawyer

Oftentimes, a first-time DUI in Florida is dealt with as a misdemeanor with very little penalties given out. Nevertheless, the exception to this is when there are mitigating elements to the arrest, such as an incredibly high BAC, witnesses citing irregular driving, possible error on the BAC reading, and/or an unsuccessful field sobriety test.

Dealing with these charges alone is risky in any case, so it might be best to employ a DUI Attorney in Vierato assist defend your case and guarantee you get very little penalties or perhaps even have the case dismissed.


How Much Does It Cost to Hire a DUI Lawyer in Viera, FL?

If you are looking for a DUI attorney, Viera lawyers all charge differently. Some will charge by the hour while others will charge a flat charge for their services. At Smith & Eulo Law Practice, your initial assessment is totally free of charge, so you do not have any monetary threat for our group to access the case. Once we have all your info, such as the police reports and your declaration, we will be able to provide you a better price quote as to what your defense will cost.

Can You Get a DUI Dropped?Ken Eulo, Esq. - DUI Lawyer

If detained for a DUI in Viera, there are many reasons that the case might be dropped. For instance, perhaps the breathalyzer technician did not follow certain treatments when performing the test. This is simply one of numerous factors that could lead to the charges being dismissed outright.

Oftentimes, particularly first-time offenses with no annoying scenarios, a plea offer can be reached rather rapidly. This assists you avoid excessive penalties and fines. In this case, there might, however, be a terms that no more DUI arrest takes place within a particular time frame as mandated by the court.

If, however, there were intensified scenarios, there is little chance a plea deal or the dropping of charges will happen. By intensified scenarios, we imply a child remaining in the cars and truck, a BAC of.15 or higher, or injuries happened related to the DUI.

It ought to be kept in mind, both fines and possible jail time, in addition to penalties, are significantly increased when these types of scenarios exist.

What Can a DUI Lawyer in Viera, FL Do for a DUI Case?

If you are charged with a DUI, you will need to decide if you wish to be represented by a public protector or a personal attorney. Many public lawyers in Florida are very good lawyers, but the downside is they have exceptionally heavy caseloads. Point being, you might not get the individually time required to effectively defend the case. Something else to think about is that when you use a public protector, you have no say in the attorney designated to your case.

Considering that your initial assessment with Smith & Eulo is totally free, you have no threat to at least let our group evaluate your case. You might also wish to think about some extra factors in terms of the advantages of utilizing a personal attorney over a personal Viera DUI attorney.

While a public protector is an all-around attorney out of requirement, a legal firm will have VieraDUI lawyers focusing on this type of law. In other words, clients can rest assured their VieraDUI attorney is a true specialist in this particular niche of law. In cases where a public protector might ask you to plead, a personal attorney might see an opportunity to go to trial and have the charges totally dismissed.

If you have a hectic schedule, a DUI attorney in Viera is a far better choice. Normally, with a public protector, you will need to make every appearance, which probably implies missed out on time at work. With a personal attorney, however, you need not be present all the time, as the attorney can represent you for some of these initial hearings.

If you are dead set on taking the case to trial, you will absolutely need to have a certified DUI attorney safeguarding you. The only other choice is to defend yourself and as Abraham Lincoln once stated, “he who represents himself has a fool for a client”.

Being detained for a DUI in Viera is demanding enough, do not add to that stress by attempting to wade through the legal waters on your own. Smith & Eulo has a complete group of a Viera DUI lawyers waiting to assist. Complete our contact form and a member of our group will be in contact with you ASAP to discuss your case.