Is it really that easy for a man to be arrested if a woman simply accuses him of a crime?

Is it really that easy for a man to be arrested if a woman simply accuses him of a crime?

Is it really that easy for a man to be arrested if a woman simply accuses him of a crime? Yes it is, and Smith & Eulo Law Firm will explain why.

The short answer to this question is yes. There are several cases where this happens. They include domestic violence and sexual assault cases. Let’s look at some examples.

Domestic Violence.

First, let’s look at domestic violence cases. The police take domestic violence very seriously. Police can arrest a man if a woman accuses him of domestic violence. A lot of domestic violence cases are he said she said cases

In such cases, there may be little or no physical evidence. Police can still arrest a man for domestic violence with only minimal evidence. Let’s talk about how easy it is for a man to get arrested if a woman simply accuses him of a crime. Domestic violence often occurs between a man and woman at home. There is usually nobody else around.

This often means there are no witnesses other than the man and woman involved. The police have a tough job in these cases. They have to quickly determine what happened. Sometimes they have to make that determination with little or no evidence. It can be tough for them to make the right call. Let’s look at an example:

Let’s say a wife and husband are at home. Husband is cooking in the kitchen. He is using knives to cook. The wife finds out the husband cheated. Now she wants to get revenge. Wife calls the police. The police come to the house. Wife says husband grabbed a knife and threatened to kill her. She is crying and looks scared. Husband denies it. He is adamant nothing happened. Husband explains that wife is just mad at him. There are no visible injuries. Police see that there are knives in the kitchen. What do the police do?

The police will likely arrest the man in this scenario.  That sounds unfair right? The police can arrest the man even though there are no injuries. Why? A woman’s word by itself is evidence. It is called testimonial evidence.

Sex Cases

Second, let’s look at sex cases. What happens if a woman accuses a man of illegal touching? Remember, a woman can accuse a man of a sex crime with no physical evidence. The police may have a tough time determining whether the woman is being truthful. Police may want to believe the man, but they also have to protect the woman just in case she is a victim. The man will have a tough time proving his innocence and avoiding arrest. Let’s look at an example:

Let’s say a man and woman are in line for a Magic game. Everybody is fighting to get in the door because it is very crowded. The man’s hand accidentally brushes against the woman’s butt as the line is pushing forward. The woman feels the contact, and immediately turns around and yells angrily at the man. He says it was an accident and he did not mean to do it. The woman feels violated and angry. She starts crying hysterically and calls the police. Police show up to the scene and question the man and woman. The woman swears that the man grabbed her butt intentionally and wants him arrested. The man says it was a complete accident. He tells the police he didn’t intentionally touch her, and his hand only brushed her because it was crowded. What do the cops do?

Police will likely arrest the man in this scenario. Why? Police can arrest the man even though there is no physical evidence. The woman’s word by itself is evidence, and the man is going to have a tough time arguing that it was an accident. The woman’s testimony alone can get the man arrested and send him to jail.

Your Best Defense

A woman’s word is powerful. A woman’s word alone can lead to an arrest. The justice system tries to protect women from domestic violence and sex crimes. This can create situations where men get arrested for crimes without much evidence. Domestic violence and sex cases are serious. Police will treat them as such. That means they will take what the woman says very seriously, and try to protect the woman because she may be a victim. This spells trouble for a man if the woman is willing to lie. An innocent man may be arrested and go to jail if a woman is willing to falsify allegations. This actually happens quite often, and is common in situations where a woman wants to get revenge or child custody.


In summary, it is fairly easy for a woman to get a man arrested. However, a good lawyer can help in these situations. A good lawyer can prepare a strong defense. A good lawyer can also help investigate the allegations and help make the truth come to light. Good lawyers will always fight to make the truth prevail.

Don’t delay if you find yourself in this type of legal situation. Time is of the essence, and you want to be proactive. Call an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. Your lawyer can get to work on gathering evidence and witnesses that can help you defend against false allegations. You definitely need an experienced lawyer to fight for you in this situation.

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