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Smith & Eulo Law Firm was founded by experienced Orlando Criminal Attorneys, Darryl Smith and Ken Eulo. These Orlando Criminal Attorneys have litigated thousands of cases, including major felonies (Murder, Sexual Battery, Robbery, Aggravated Assault, and More), misdemeanors, and DUIs. When you are looking at Orlando Criminal Attorneys, ask yourself whether they have the education and the experience to handle your case. Criminal cases are not an area where you can afford a mistake, as your life and your livelihood are often on the line.

Darryl Smith went to Vanderbilt Law School (a top 15 law school). Ken Eulo went to Florida State University Law School (a top 50 law school), graduating in the upper 10% of his class with the prestigious Order of the Coif Award. Over the last 5 years, these Orlando Criminal Attorneys have not only litigated thousands of cases, but have also taken over 50 cases to trial. Among those cases include Capital Sexual Battery and Media Cases, such as the Middlebrook Farms Murder trial.

Orlando Criminal Attorneys, Defense Lawyers Orlando, Criminal Lawyer Orlando 32835

Orlando Criminal Attorneys, Darryl Smith & Ken Eulo have litigated THOUSANDS of cases in front of multiple judges in different counties. Call Now for FREE CONSULTATION,  (407) 930-8912

These Orlando Criminal Attorneys have experience in virtually all areas of criminal law, including appearing at your first appearance, handling depositions, arguing for your bond, litigating your case in court, taking your case to trial, appealing faulty and erroneous decisions, and even sealing and expunging your criminal record. There is no criminal case that these Orlando Criminal Attorneys cannot handle.

In addition to Orlando Criminal attorneys, the Smith and Eulo Law Firm offer Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, DUI Defense, and Traffic Attorneys. Personal Injury cases often result when you have suffered a tremendous financial hardship or loss because of the fault of another. When you have suffered a loss, it gives you piece of mind knowing that you have experienced attorneys in your corner prepared to fight for you. Many law firms have a staff of non-lawyer “case managers” assigned to civil cases with the objective of quick and low settlements.

Often times these offices are set up with the knowledge that your case will be settled by a non-lawyer assistant for a small amount, and your case will never touch an actual attorneys’s desk. At the Smith & Eulo Law Firm, our attorneys handle each and every case personally. Every case that we take on is carefully handled by us personally, and we will work out an agreement up front that discusses your goals and our strategy moving forward so that you are never left in the dark in your case.

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