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  • Why hire a lawyer for your misdemeanor charges? Too many people believe a misdemeanor is simply a petty thing that will not have any significant impact on their life. They attempt to save money by not hiring proper representation for an issue they deem unimportant and trial. However, Misdemeanor charges can have a significant and life-changing outcome.
  • Consider the Possible Consequences of a Misdemeanor:
    • A year in Jail: A misdemeanor charge can result in going to jail for an entire year.
    • Conviction: A misdemeanor charge can result in a conviction (i.e. an adjudication of guilt). Once you are convicted of a misdemeanor your criminal record is PERMANENTLY marked. You cannot get your record sealed or expunged. Whenever a person goes to the Clerk’s Website (accessible by anyone) anyone who wants can view your record and the affidavit that lead to your charges.
    • Lost Driving Privileges: A misdemeanor charge can result in the loss of a driver’s license. Repeated blemishes on a driving record can result in a felony or a Habitual suspension that lasts up to 5 years.
    • Lost Job Opportunities: A simple google search reveals the lost employment opportunities for people all across the country for even the smallest of misdemeanor convictions. These lost opportunities often stay with you for the rest of your entire life.
  • Protect your Future and Call a Misdemeanor Lawyer Orlando: The damage caused by a bad outcome in even the smallest of misdemeanor cases can affect you for the rest of your entire life. The money paid for a lawyer is often saved countless times over and over with a successful resolution of a case. The loss of a job and the inability to advance in a job can be financially crushing. Most law firms will handle your misdemeanor case for a reasonable price.

When in doubt, call a Misdemeanor Lawyer Orlando, who can help you fight your case to achieve the best possible outcome.

Misdemeanor Lawyer Orlando

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