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If you have a question about your case or a case document listed on the Orange County Clerk website, give us a call and a lawyer can discuss your case today. 407-930-8912.

  • Great Resource: The Orange County Clerk Office is a fantastic resource for any person who’s going through a criminal, civil, family, or even traffic situation. Here is a link to their website. Click Here.
  • Looking up Your Case: Once you log onto the Orange County Clerk website, you can click on the link entitled Court Records Search. Click Here. Once you go onto the Court Records search, the website allows you to search for your case via the Criminal Search Portal, Or Family Law Portal, or Civil Case Portal, or Traffic Portal, or Probate Portal. Make sure you click on the correct link that is specific to your case, otherwise no results will pop up in the search results. The Orange County Clerk website requires that the search he completed using a full name or a case number. It’s important to follow directions, as you can easily wind up with no search results. Once you find your case, you will be able to view all updates and case files that are available to the public. This will include arrest complaints from the arresting officer, motions filed by either side, etc.
  • Understanding the Court Documents: While anybody can quickly get a brief understanding of the basics of a case by looking the case up online, it is not always so simple understanding the nuances of what each court document means and when the actual next court appearance will be. That is because the basic procedural elements of a case, at least in terms of timeline, are often set up in blocks that are non mandatory. For example, in a criminal case you might see language suggesting that a trial date has been set. However, the date that you see often only signifies a trial period. However, in some instances the date may actually mean the date. That’s why it’s important to use the Orange County Clerk website as a helpful tool, but nothing more. If you ever have a question about an upcoming court date or the meaning of a court document, always consult with your attorney.

Orange County Clerk

If you have questions about your case or a document listed on the Orange County Clerk website, please call the Orlando Lawyers at the Smith & Eulo Law Firm. The lawyers will be able to look over your case and your documents and help you understand what the next step in your case will be. Call us today for your free consultation.

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