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Orange County FL Criminal Trial Attorneys

Orange County FL Criminal Trial Attorneys who will fight to get justice for your case.

One of the major questions that arises when a person gets arrested for a crime is: When is the right time to hire a lawyer? The simple answer is that you want to hire experienced Orange County FL Trial Attorneys to represent you as quickly as possible after your arrest. Far too frequently people wait around long periods of time before deciding to hire a lawyer, often times until after they bond out of jail, after charges or filed, after the case has been going on for months, and even sometimes when the case is already set for trial. The sooner you hire Orange County FL Trial Attorneys to handle your case, the sooner they can get to work and start fighting to get the best outcome on your case. The earlier on you hire Orange County FL Trial Attorneys on your case, the sooner they can get to work on critical elements of your case including: working to get a reasonable bond, fighting to convince the State not to move forward on a case before formal charges are filed, interviewing witnesses and an conducting investigation to gather and preserve critical, time-sensitive evidence that may be destroyed if too much time passes, and many other vital tasks. Also, hiring an attorney as early as possible gives the lawyer the most amount of time to explore defenses, possible pretrial motions, and test strategies and theories that will help you prepare the best defense to fight your case, secure a dismissal or reduction in charges, or beat the case at trial.

Hiring Orange County FL Trial Attorneys early on in the process also will give you piece of mind knowing that you have a skilled, knowledgable advocate fighting on your behalf to try to obtain a just outcome for your case. Early negotiation with the State and timely discovery and preservation of witnesses and evidence can often mean the difference between winning or losing a case. Also, since criminal cases are often very complex, a good lawyer wants as much time as possible to prepare the case and fight relentlessly to achieve an optimal result for their client. At Smith & Eulo Law Firm, we find that some of our best results have been achieved with clients who hire us at the very beginning of their cases, either prior to or immediately after arrest. If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, we strongly encourage you to call Smith & Eulo Law Firm at (407) 930-8912 or visit our website at We have handled over 2,000 criminal cases throughout Central Florida, and have taken over 75 cases to trial. We have a long track record of achieving outstanding results for our clients, and we are confident we can get justice for you and help you get your life back. Call us today for your FREE CONSULTATION.

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