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What is a Burglary?

A Burglary involves a person entering into a premise or a vehicle without permission with the intent to commit an unlawful act therein.

Elements of a Burglary: Orlando Burglary Lawyers can help walk you through the exact nuances of the case and whether the elements of a burglary have been satisfied. However, let’s briefly consider the specific elements generally. Notice that there are several separate and specific elements to a burglary. There is the element of burglary where you enter a premise or a vehicle without permission. A premise can be a house, a store, a building, etc. A vehicle is self explanatory.

The second element requires the intent to commit an unlawful act once inside. This elements requires an actual intent to commit an unlawful act. Without that intent there is no burglary. For example, if a person walks into a house that isn’t theirs with the desire to simply use their bathroom, then there is no burglary because using the bathroom is not a criminal act. However, if the person’s desire was to actually take something inside the house then the Burglary has occurred.

Orlando Burglary Lawyers: Why do you need to hire a lawyer? Most burglaries are high level offenses carrying significant prison consequences, with most triggering a prison sentence even where a person has no criminal history. Lawyers can help navigate you through the difficult nuances and elements of a Burglary and fight to make the State prove the case against you. From the moment you are arrested for a Burglary case, your liberty is on the line. Don’t put this to chance.

The Nuances of a Burglary

Anti-Murder Statute: If you enter a plea to Burglary and are sentenced to probation, you are now classified as Anti-Murder, because burglary is a qualifying offense. The consequences of this designation are severe. Specifically, you get additional points added to your score sheet. You also are now anti-murder for any additional felony case you ever resolve with probation.

Prison Release Reoffender: Burglary is a qualifying offense under the Prison Release Reoffender (PRR) Act. Most Orlando Burglary Lawyers can explain the dangers of the PRR designation. However, PRR can require a person to serve their entire sentence day for day. In the case of a Burglary of a Dwelling, that can mean 15 years day for day, without gain time.

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