Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyers

Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyers

Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyers. Call us today for your FREE CONSULTATION. 407-930-8912. www.SmithandEulo.com

Confused?  Overwhelmed?  Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyers are there to talk to about your Criminal case.  Call us now for your FREE CONSULTATION at 407-930-8912.

  • Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyers:

Ken Eulo, Esq. and Darryl Smith, Esq. founded the Smith & Eulo Law Firm with the purpose of providing experienced and effective legal representation at reasonable prices.

  • Litigation and Trial Experience:

The Smith & Eulo Law Firm has experienced litigation and trial lawyers.  Our attorneys have strongly represented clients in thousands of cases.

  • Orlando Lawyers Defend Your Rights:

You always have rights!  Speaking with a knowledgeable lawyer immediately helps preserve those rights. Call the Smith & Eulo Law Firm at (407) 930-8912 or visit our Metrowest Orlando office at 32 North Kirkman Road, Orlando, FL 32811.

  • Multiple Areas of Legal Practice:

Smith & Eulo Law Firm has experienced and effective Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyers, Civil Litigation Attorneys, Traffic and DUI Defense Lawyers.

  • Innocent Until Proven Guilty:

Getting charged with a crime can be confusing.  It does not mean you are guilty or that you will end up with a criminal record.  Remember, you have options.  Place your trust with an Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyer immediately to help preserve your rights; to protect your dignity; to fight your case from beginning to end.

  • Know the difference:

Don’t jump to conclusions about your situation!  An experienced Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyer will help you understand the parameters for YOUR CASE and offer the appropriate legal guidance.  You can feel more at ease about your situation – knowing that your lawyer is at your side.

  • You Have Rights:

A criminal arrest by a police officer DOES NOT mean that formal charges have even been filed. It DOES NOT mean that a Judge has found probable cause for the arrest.  You are under arrest and, by calling Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyers, an attorney will appear on your behalf at your first Court appearance. Your lawyer can argue for a lack of probable cause; can produce mitigating circumstances; and, argue for non-monetary release.  Simply sitting back and seeing what happens is not an option to entertain.  Talk to your Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyers today at (407)930-8912.


  • Hire a Lawyer to Fight for You:

Always be aware.  At the moment when the police put you under arrest; when you suffer a personal injury; or when your rights have been violated; you must remember that you also have rights.  You must take action to preserve those rights.  The first step of any process is to immediately call an attorney in your area.  The attorneys of Smith & Eulo Law Firm are experienced and effective.  Smith & Eulo Law Firm will stand by your side.

  • Consider your rights:

In Criminal Cases, Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyers will tell you these immediate rights; you have the right to remain silent and the right to legal representation.  In a PIP case you must seek medical attention within 14 days in order for PIP benefits to be paid (Click here for more information on PIP Laws). In Civil Defense Cases, you must respond to a complaint in a timely manner or else default judgment can be entered against you. Click here to see more of your rights.

  • Act Quickly:

The best time to call a lawyer is immediately after you are arrested or injured.  You need to protect your rights.  Mistakes that may jeopardize you obtaining justice within the system need to be avoided.  Calling a lawyer is not a sign of weakness, or guilt.  It is the smart decision in any legal case.  Call Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyers today. 

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