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Orlando Florida Criminal Attorneys – What happens if I am found Not Guilty?

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Going through the process of being arrested, charged with a crime, and risking it all going to trial can be the most stressful and important process in a person’s life. That is why you need skilled, experienced Orlando Florida Criminal Attorneys to fight by your side to ensure your rights are protected and you get the best possible outcome. It is common for people going through this process to have many questions. One of the common questions Orlando Florida Criminal Attorneys get is: What happens if you get a Not Guilty at trial?


What happens if I win at trial and get a Not Guilty verdict?

The answer seems to be straightforward. If you get a Not Guilty verdict and win at trial, the case is over, all charges are dismissed, and you can move forward with your life free and clear from the case you spent months or even years fighting right? Unfortunately, the answer is not so simple. Yes, winning at trial and getting a Not Guilty means that the charges against you are dismissed, and you will never have to worry about fighting those particular charges again. However, even when you get a Not Guilty on a case at trial, you are not totally out of the woods as far as your record is concerned. After a Not Guilty verdict, the alleged offenses that you were arrested and charged for that you beat at trial are still on your record unless you can get them sealed and expunged. There are strict eligibility requirements for sealing and expungement in the State of Florida, which means that its possible that the charges that you beat at trial could still remain on your record permanently if you don’t qualify for sealing/expungement through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Sounds pretty unfair doesn’t it?

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