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If you are arrested for a crime, you will likely have to deal with the issue of bond. Bond is usually set at your Initial Appearance by the presiding Judge.  However, in certain instances the Initial Appearance judge can deny bond, in which case the Defense Attorney must schedule a bond hearing in front of the judge who is assigned the case to see if that judge will grant a bond. This is why you need good Orlando Florida Criminal Defense Attorneys to fight not only to get you a bond, but to also get the lowest possible bond as well. So what factors do judges take into account when deciding whether to grant bond and what the bond amount will be?

Seriousness of the Charges

For the vast majority of criminal charges, you are entitled to a reasonable bond. The amount is determined by the Initial Appearance judge or the assigned judge at a bond hearing. However, a judge may set bond on certain punishable by life offenses where the proof of guilt is evident and the presumption is great.

Flight Risk/Ties to the Community

A major factor in determining whether or not a judge will grant a bond and what the bond amount will is whether the judge considers you to be a flight risk. The judge will analyze your record to see if you have previous failures to appear for prior cases, how many failure to appear you have, and if you have any charges that indicate a propensity to evade/from from law enforcement capture (Fleeing and Eluding; Resisting with/without Violence; etc.). The judge will also consider your ties to the community, including how long you have lived in Central Florida, your citizenship status, close relatives that you have in the area, whether you have a permanent residence in the area, etc. to determine what bond amount is appropriate.

Several other factors affect whether a judge will grant bond and what the bond amount will be. Experienced Orlando Florida Criminal Defense Attorneys can fight to get you a reasonable bond on your case.

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