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Orlando Florida Criminal Trial Lawyers

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For those who have been arrested, accused, or charged with a crime, trial is a last resort, but often times the most powerful tool in a defense arsenal. At the Smith & Eulo Law Firm, our Orlando Florida Criminal Trial Lawyers have handled over 2,000 criminal cases and over 75 jury trials. Throughout our years of experience, our team of Orlando Florida Criminal Trial Lawyers have learned that people often have a misconception of how the trial process works. So what are the components of a trial? Let’s explore what goes into a jury trial:

Jury Selection

Jury Selection is perhaps the most important part of a trial, and often times the jury panel that is selected can either win or lose your case. Jury Selection, or “void dire” is a process during which occurs prior to the start of a jury trial. During this process, a panel of prospective jurors (citizens from the county in which the case is being tried) are brought into the courtroom, and both the prosecutor and defense attorney are allowed to ask questions and ultimately select a panel of 6 jurors (or occasionally 12) to serve as members on the jury that will ultimately decide the guilt or innocence of the accused.

Opening Statement

During opening statements, both the State and Defense are allowed to talk to the jury and essentially give the jury a brief summary of their side of the story by providing a roadmap as to what the evidence will show/prove during the course of the trial. The prosecutor gets to go first, and the defense attorney gives their opening statement last.

State’s Case in Chief

After the opening statement, the State will open their case by presenting witnesses and evidence to try to prove the accused’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The State gets to question each of their witnesses first on direct examination, and the Defense is allowed to follow up with their own questions for the witness on cross examination if they so choose.

Defense’s Case in Chief

After the State rests their case, the Defense is allowed to present any witnesses or evidence that they so choose in order to assert an affirmative defense or rebut the State’s case in chief.

Closing Argument

After both the State and Defense rest their respective cases, both sides give closing arguments. The State goes first, followed by the Defense, and then concluded by a brief State rebuttal. During the closing argument, both sides will summarize their case, what the evidence has proven/not proven, and make their final and most compelling arguments to sway the jury to return a verdict of guilty/not guilty

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