Orlando Florida DUI Trial Lawyers

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Orlando Florida DUI Trial Lawyers

Orlando Florida DUI Trial Lawyers are ready to fight your DUI.

If you have been arrested or charged with a driving under the influence charge (DUI) in the State of Florida, you need strong, experienced, effective Orlando Florida DUI Trial Lawyers by your side. DUI penalties can be very severe, and include harsh mandatory penalties such as drivers license suspensions, community service, victim awareness class, DUI school, vehicle impound, fines, and sometimes interlock devices. Good Orlando Florida DUI Trial Lawyers know how to navigate the maze of a DUI case and develop a defense strategy that get the best possible resolution for your DUI case. There are many areas of the State’s DUI case that can be attacked, and a seasoned Orlando Florida DUI Trial Lawyers know exactly what to look for and what areas to attack in a DUI case to build a winning case. Some tools used by Orlando Florida DUI Trial Lawyers to successfully fight DUI cases include Motions to Suppress, Motions to Dismiss, challenging the accurate of Breathalyzer results, aggressive negotiating with the State, and if it comes down to it, fighting the case all the way to a Jury Trial.

Smith & Eulo Law Firm are the right Orlando Florida DUI Trial Lawyers to handle your case. We have litigated hundreds of DUI cases throughout Central Florida, including in Orange County, Osceola County, Lake County, Polk County, Volusia County, Seminole County, Brevard County, and many other surrounding counties in Central Florida. We have successfully argued pretrial DUI motions that have resulted in numerous dismissed cases and reduced charges, and have also secured DUI acquittals at trial. You can check out our firm’s outstanding case results here). Our team of DUI lawyers will work with you to build the right defense for your case, one that will attack the State’s case and put you in the best position to get optimal outcome in your case. We work relentlessly for our clients,

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