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Darryl Smith and Ken Eulo are both Orlando Lawyers. Together, these Orlando Lawyers have litigated thousands of cases, tried many trials (over 50), resolved VOPs, worked on Media Cases, litigated major felonies (such as the Middlebrook Farms Murder and Capital Sexual Battery), litigated petty offenses (such as petit theft, panhandling, DUIs, and more). These Orlando Lawyers have been trained in complex areas of Criminal Defense, such as DNA and forensics. Through their years of experience litigating major cases, these Orlando Lawyers have gathered a great deal of knowledge about the Criminal Justice System. The goal is to help educate people who don’t know the system or who are new to the system. When a person is first arrested, and they have never been through the process before, they are often nervous and scared. They have questions such as “I’m going to jail aren’t I?” “Can I go to prison for this?” While a person should always call Orlando Lawyers in lieu of relying solely on written articles about certain subjects, about what to expect in the system, etc. However, we know that in order to feel comfortable contacting Orlando Lawyers, you need to know information going in, to know that the lawyer representing you knows what he is talking about. Therefore, the Orlando Lawyers Help Guide aims to provide basic pieces of information about the Law, such as basic overviews of the criminal justice system, basic overviews of certain laws, nuances of specific parts of the law, and much much more.

If after reading through the Orlando Lawyers Help Guide you decide you need additional help, you should call the Orlando Lawyers at the Smith & Eulo Law Firm. You will be able to talk directly to experienced Orlando Lawyers who can help walk you through the process and explain your rights to you. The best time to call a lawyer is when you are first arrested, or when a warrant first goes out, when you are first injured in a civil lawsuit, when you are being asked to sign documents in a real estate contract, etc. Many of your rights will be forfeited if you don’t act quickly and have the knowledge to know what to do. Therefore, you should contact Orlando Lawyers immediately and before you lose rights and your case gets worse.

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