What are Media Cases?

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Media cases are those cases that are publicized in some way. Sometimes the media exposure is large and sometimes the media exposure is small. But one common characteristic of all Orlando Media Cases is that they require more work and more attention to detail. As a general rule, the State Attorney assigned to the case knows that extra eyes are on them, they know that their boss is going to be watching, other attorneys will be present, and even the victims will be more vocal.

There is this somewhat faulty belief that being a celebrity or having high-profile media cases means that you will get preferential treatment. However, this is simply not the case. Consider some of the more notable media cases in recent news: Consider Ray Rice Media Case: misdemeanor battery with no criminal history and a wife who wanted charges dropped. In most jurisdictions, where there is an uncooperative victim, no serious injury, the charges will be dropped. In Ray Rice’s case, he had to go through PTD to get the case dropped. Although both results are the same, Ray Rice was required to do extra steps, than a non-media case. Next, consider Plaxico Burress Media Case: Plaxico accidentally shot himself with a gun in a club. Plaxico had no history, contributing member of society, had a family. He ended up having to serve a lengthy sentence. If this was not a media case, it is highly unlikely that Plaxico ever does a single day in jail.

While these are examples of high-profile athletes involved in media cases, non-celebrity clients are no different. Media cases bring added pressure to all involved. The prosecutors are more likely to send higher offers, the judge is more likely to feel obligated to protect the community. In media cases, the pressure of the news and the public is everlasting. Handling media cases becomes more than just a “lawyer role.” It requires a lawyer to step outside their traditional role, and also play role of Public Relations Coordinator. Details are more important. Preparation is more important. Hiring a good lawyer is more important.

If you believe your case fits into the media cases category, you need to hire an experienced lawyer.

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