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    Pedestrian Accident Lawyers: Florida has a statute of limitations for submitting personal injury claims. If you were injured as a pedestrian, there are a number of steps that must be taken to collect any compensation for the damages and your injury. Failure to file a claim within a short time period may bar the ability for you to recover. Collecting compensation following a pedestrian accident can be very difficult and involves long negotiations with insurance companies and lawsuits may arise for negligent automobile drivers.

  • No-Fault Insurance: Under Florida’s “no fault” insurance law, pedestrians will not be able to immediately file suit against the party which caused the crash. Additionally, lawsuits for additional damages are based on negligence. Drivers and pedestrians are expected to exercise reasonable duty of care. Florida is a comparative negligence state, each party involved in the accident can be financially responsible for a percentage of the damage, depending on the degree to which they were at fault. If a pedestrian does not survive an accident, their estate may bring a claim instead to recover compensation for damages. Contact pedestrian accident lawyers today.
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