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    What does PIP Coverage Entail?

    • Named Insured or Any Relative Living with them while operating or occupying a motor vehicle.
    • Any other person while operating the insured’s vehicle or as a passenger.
    • Covers your medical bills: Chiropractor visits, Doctor Visits, Hospital stays, etc
    • PIP Coverage Limits: Florida requires that your insurance provide $10,000 in PIP.
      • Example of how PIP Coverage Works: You get into an accident, you suffer a sprained back and has back problems. You can go to the hospital, get MRIs, and see a chiropractor to get treatment on your back. Your PIP will pay for it.
    • Under Florida Law you have 14 days: Make sure you act quickly. If you delay, you may not be able to obtain medical care under PIP.
  • PIP Coverage is No Fault in Florida:
    • No Fault Coverage? That means that there isn’t a delay by your insurance company before paying out. In other words, regardless of fault, you are entitled to PIP benefits.
    • Florida is one of 12 states to offer No Fault Insurance policies. Where insurance companies have to determine fault, the determination of fault will slow down recovery under insurance.
  • PIP Coverage does NOT INCLUDE:
    • Named insured while occupying uninsured vehicles.
    • Relatives of the named insured while occupying an in-insured vehicle owned by the insured.
    • A person who intentionally causes bodily injury to themselves or injures themselves while committing a felony.

When you have medical bills piling up from an accident don’t forget that you are covered, even if your health insurance doesn’t have your back. PIP Laws in Florida are setup to help people injured in car accidents who need help with their medical bills. Call today to see if your case qualifies. Talk to our car accident attorneys today. 407-930-8912

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