Plea to the Bench in Orlando

What is it?

A plea to the bench is when a Defendant enters a plea of Guilty or No Contest directly to the Judge, forgoing the process of negotiating a plea resolution with the Prosecutor on the case. Orlando Best Criminal Lawyers know how to use a plea to the bench effectively to get the best possible resolution for their Client’s criminal case.

When is a plea to the bench used in a criminal case? 

A plea to the bench is usually used by a Criminal Defense Attorney when the Defense Attorney believes that the Judge will give the client a better plea resolution than the Prosecutor on the case. The Defense Attorney will set a court date called a plea conference, where the Defense Attorney will approach the Judge and state an intent to enter a plea to the bench. The Judge may then choose to make an offer, or not make an offer and tell the Defense Lawyer that the Defendant will have to “plea blind.”

Plea on the bench in Orlando

How effective is it?

A plea to the bench can be an effective tool to negotiate a better deal for a Client. Oftentimes, this will result in the Client receiving a better deal from the Judge than they would have otherwise received from the Prosecutor. When the case is handled by Orlando Best Criminal Lawyers, such lawyers know which Judges are favorable for entering pleas to the bench and which are not.

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