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Every person who is a United States Citizen is protected by the United States Constitution and is afforded certain civil rights. The term “police misconduct” describes inappropriate actions of police officers in connection with the official duties they hold.  Law enforcement officers do various of heroic acts each day, but some officers cross the boundaries and use force or make bad judgments in arresting people. When excessive force is used by a law enforcement officer or falsely arrest a person, they need to be held accountable to their actions.

In Florida, law enforcement officers are allowed to use a reasonable amount of force to detain or arrest someone, but they may NOT use unreasonable force to detain or arrest a person. Excessive force is a violation of your civil rights covered by the fourth and fourteenth amendments of the United States Constitution. Even if not injured, the experience of having to go through police brutality can majorly impact one’s life.

Examples of police brutality

The Smith and Eulo Law firm will represent individuals that have been falsely arrested and wronged by law enforcement officers, this includes being racially profiled while driving, or walking down the street. Additionally, some examples of excessive police force can include: unwarranted shooting, using Tasers, biting by police dogs, vehicular chases, and/or striking with the baton. Reporting police misconduct is a necessary step for maintaining legal and civil balance. In any police misconduct event, the victim should record and write down as much information as possible regarding the experience immediately after the incident occurs. Police brutality can occur anywhere at any time, and it doesn’t matter if you are in Lakeland, Ocala, or anywhere other city.

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