Pretrial Diversion in Florida

What is the Pretrial Diversion (PTD) Program?

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PTD means Pretrial Diversion (Click here for Google Definition).

PTD is a special program offered by the State Attorney’s Office that allows people charged with their first crime to get their case dismissed in exchange for fulfilling certain conditions, such as community service, classes, treatment (substance abuse; mental health; alcohol; impulse control; etc.). Eligibility for the PTD Program is determined exclusively by the State Attorney’s Office in the county in which you are charged, and certain offenses will not be accepted into Pretrial Diversion by the State Attorney’s Office.

What are the details and costs for Pretrial Diversion? 

Misdemeanor cases

Cost: $300

Length: 6-12 months

Intake/drug tests: $20/$17

Community Service requirement (ACS): 40 hours minimum

Phone reporting: $6-7 monthly

State attorney referral fee: $50

Drug and DV cases

Cost: $600Length: 1 year

Intake/drug tests: $20/$17

Community Service requirement (ACS): 40 hours minimum

Phone reporting: $6-7 monthly

State attorney referral fee: $50

What are the requirements to successfully complete Pretrial Diversion? 

You must personally attend the (PTD) contract signing and PTD orientation

You must attend all required PTD meetings

You must complete all of your required community service hours at an approved non-profit organization

You must successfully complete all requires drug/alcohol treatment

You must successfully complete all required classes

You must report to your probation officer on all required report dates

You must follow any special conditions imposed in PTD contract and satisfy all of the imposed conditions

How do I get into Pretrial Diversion (PTD)?

If you have been arrested for the first time, you are a first time offender, or this is your first time being charged with a crime, you need to contact an experienced Orlando Criminal Lawyer immediately. An experienced Orlando Criminal Lawyer at the Smith & Eulo Law Firm can advise you on whether your case is eligible for Pretrial Diversion, negotiate with the State Attorneys Office to get you into (PTD), and help you successfully complete Pretrial Diversion (PTD), so you can eventually get your case dismissed, save your record, and protect your future.

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