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  • What is a Robbery? A Robbery Occurs when you take an item that doesn’t belong to you.
  • Different types of Robbery: There are different types of Robberies. For example there is a Robbery by Sudden Snatching which simply involves a person grabbing an item that doesn’t belong to them and fleeing. There is Robbery by Force, which involves a person physically engaging with a person and taking an item by force. Then, there is Robbery by threat. There is Robbery with a firearm, or with a weapon, or even with a deadly weapon.
  • Criminal Defenses to a Robbery: There are multiple defenses to a robbery. Always talk to your Robbery Lawyers Orlando before deciding what the best Defense to your case is. However, consider some of the possible defenses. One possible defense to a robbery is that the Robbery never occurred. Another Defense to a Robbery is that the property belonged to you. Another Defense to a Robbery is that the Robbery occurred but that it occurred in a less violent way or manner than that charged against you. In this example, the Robbery Lawyers handling your case will be making the case that a crime did in fact occur, but there is a lesser degree of Felony that occurred.

Minimum Mandatory Sentence

  • Robbery with a Firearm: Where the Robbery occurs while in possession of a firearm, there is 10-year minimum mandatory prison sentence that accompanies the charge.

Importance of Hiring Robbery Lawyers Orlando:

  • Defending Robbery Charges: Without multiple witnesses or without some type of surveillance or confession, Robbery charges are not always the easiest cases for the State Attorney to prove. They often involve he-said she-said type of evidence with little corroboration in the form of physical evidence.
  • Lengthy Prison Sentences: Without an adequate Defense, the state attorney often makes quite lengthy prison offers. Robbery Cases carry 5 years in prison at the lowest degree, all the way to life if the Robbery occurred with a firearm.
  • When in Doubt Hire Robbery Lawyers Orlando: When your life is on the line, there is no reason why you shouldn’t hire a professional. Call the Smith & Eulo Robbery Lawyers today at 407-930-8912