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If you have been arrested or charged with a crime in Seminole County Florida, you are profanely overwhelmed and confused about the steps you should take to protect your rights and ensure the best outcome for your case and your future. The first thing you should do is contact an experienced Seminole County Criminal Lawyer who will do what it takes to get the best resolution for your case. The Smith & Eulo Law Firm is committed to serving those arrested or charged with criminal offenses in Seminole County. Our office is conveniently located at 32 North Kirkman Road, Orlando, FL , 32811.

Here at the Smith & Eulo Law Firm we have the right experienced and knowledgeable Seminole County Criminal Lawyer for your case. We have over 15 years of experience handling criminal cases in Seminole County and throughout Central Florida. We have handled thousands of felony and misdemeanor cases, have taken over 75 cases to trial, and have obtained countless favorable outcomes for our clients, including dismissals, Not Guilty verdicts at trial, and reduced charges. Here are some of the things that our firm brings to the table that can help you obtain justice in your criminal case:

Court/Trial Experience – Over 2,000 felony and misdemeanor cases handled; Over 75 jury trials; Over 15 years of combined experience

Dedication – Phones answered 24/7; Calls and texts promptly returned; Clear communication

Committed – We put our legal knowledge and experience to work for you to fight for the best possible resolution

About Us

A criminal lawsuit can be very serious and disturbing for a person. We completely understand the concerns and questions that one might have if they are involved or dragged in a criminal lawsuit. At this point of time a person would need someone who can help them completely and guide them how to overcome this situation. They would want to deal with someone who knows their job and knows how to deal in such situations.

This is why we make sure to help our clients in the best way possible and get them the help that they need. We try to assist our clients with exceptionally good skills and also try to help them recover emotionally. We have a team of professional lawyers who are highly trained on dealing with criminal lawsuits.

Our aim is to deliver the best case in the courtroom and help our clients in getting what they need. We take pride in saying that we are one of the best Seminole County Criminal Lawyer. Our approach is completely client centric; and we make sure that whatever we do is in the best interest of our clients. This is what helps us to deliver best in our field.

Why Choose us?

Smith and Eulo law firm has earned the trust and respect of people in the past few years. And with the kind of approach we have and to find a solution for our clients. We believe that our clients deserve the best and we provide them the best legal consultations that they would need at that point of time.

The law firm has defended people in many of the criminal lawsuits like, 1st degree murder, burglary, theft, domestic violence etc. We are highly experienced on handling such cases and make sure that we offer our customers the custom made solution for their issue. Our experts know the criminal laws in and out; thus whatever the situation maybe we have the solution for it; and we make sure that our clients get the justice that they deserve.

We make sure that we defend our clients in the courtroom by arguing in their favors; and highlighting the laws and policies that would be able to protect our client in their best interest. We handle all the cases and clients personally and make sure to attend all the concerns of our clients.

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Like we said lawsuits can be very overwhelming and one might need someone who will be able to protect them; also during this crucial times and also help them to overcome their emotional issues. If you are looking for a Seminole County Criminal Lawyer; to defend you in your criminal lawsuit then look no further and contact the best lawyers in town.

Smith and Eulo Law firm is just the right choice for you; we help our clients by communicating with them all the time that they need. Also to know about criminal lawsuits and helping the in the best way possible. Book your appointment today to discuss your criminal case.