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Criminal Lawyer in Orlando- What is a Criminal?

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Ask a Criminal Lawyer in Orlando: What is a Criminal? As a Criminal Lawyer in Orlando, I have dealt with thousands of cases, litigated many, taken many all the way to a jury trial, resolved VOPs, fought for juveniles, worked in almost every area of the Criminal Law System. From an outside perspective, there seems to be this curiosity in “what is a criminal?” Here is Websters definition.

Ask another Criminal Lawyer in Orlando the same question and you may get a similar perspective to what I have, or you may not. But I think the professional aspect of being an Orlando Criminal Lawyer is truly fascinating. It allows you to deal with a shunned portion of society that really isn’t what you’d expect and is treated in an unfair way, lack of access to employment, lack of rights, etc.

For example, “criminals” for the most part are regular people. They are around you every day. They are people who have jobs, families, children. They often are hard workers, and try the best they can to get by in this world. They have different personalities, just regular people. For example they may be the sweetest person you ever met, they may be the meanest person you ever met, they may be incredibly intelligent and insightful. I guess what this all adds up to is that there is an unfortunate stigma that makes a person be labelled as a criminal. Any time you stereotype, or expect something, from someone you don’t know…an unfortunate and often faulty belief system is formed. For example, how many people were freed by the innocence project? DNA testing showed that these “criminals” were actually not criminals.

How many people were arrested for something they didn’t do? How many people were arrested for something petty like Marijuana Possession? Is it truly worse for a person to smoke a joint than it is to screw a bunch of people out of money using the veil of a corporate enterprise and because what you did is actually legal? Did you know that it’s a Felony to BUY a joint, but only a misdemeanor to possess two joints? Who’s more of a “criminal?” How many people have committed crimes and were never caught (are they not criminals simply because they weren’t caught)? Did you know that if your spouse lies to the police and says you tried to stab her with a knife you would be arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon (even if the case was dropped it would still show up if you google searched your name and possibly during background checks). Would you go to trial and risk life in prison on a faulty allegation when you could plea to a petty misdemeanor and get time served? The reality is innocent people plead every day in order to save themselves from the danger of a trial.

As a Criminal Lawyer in Orlando, my goal is to educate people on the criminal process, and to avoid stereotypes regarding who is in the system, and what it means to be a “criminal.” The word criminal is thrown around far too loosely in this society. As a Criminal Lawyer in Orlando, I see all kinds of people walk through the doors, from the most guilty to the clearly innocent, to all those somewhere in between. If you need help clearing your record and avoiding the improper stereotype of “Criminal” call a Criminal Lawyer in Orlando at the Smith & Eulo Law Firm. A Criminal Lawyer in Orlando at the Smith & Eulo Law Firm will give you a free consultation and overall case analysis. Call now, 407-930-8912.